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Travel Guidelines and Reimbursement Rates

The following information is provided for your quick reference. For additional information please see the CSU Travel Procedures and Regulations.

Before your Trip

A Travel Pre-Authorization Form (Form 1A) is required prior to departure. If no advance is requested, please keep this form in your department until the trip is completed, and submit with the Travel Claim (Form 262). If a private vehicle is to be used, please sign the "Certification of Minimum Liability Insurance" section on the form. If an advance is requested, please allow one week for processing. Advances are issued in amounts over $50.00, and are issued to the individual traveler. Travel advances requested more than 30 days prior to departure must be accompanied by appropriate justification (see Form 1A for details). Advance checks are disbursed from the University Cashier's Office 756-2256.

After your Trip

A Travel Expense Claim (Form 262) is required and must be filed with the Accounts Payable Office within 10 days of your return.

Travel Reimbursement Rates for Travel that Includes an Overnight Stay

    Rates of Reimbursement
United States Travel Daily Meals and Incidental Expenses Actual meals expenses up to $55/day + $7/day incidentals allowance
Receipts required for any individual expenses of $25 or more
Lodging Traveler will be reimbursed for actual lodging expenses, receipts required
International Daily Meals and Incidental Expenses Published Federal Government Per Diem for specific location. No receipts required
Lodging Traveler will be reimbursed for actual lodging expenses up to the Published Federal Government Per Diem for specific location
Non-Commercial Facility Daily Lodging Expenses Actual expenses up to 100% of Published Federal Government Per Diem for specific location
Receipts required for expenses of $25 or more
Federal Per Diem rates for all locations:

Domestic Travel Documentation Requirements

All per diem amounts must be itemized. Receipts must be provided for amounts over $25.00. If a receipt is not provided, a Lost Receipt Form must be submitted to obtain reimbursement. Amounts not supported by a receipt or a Lost Receipt Form will be reported to the I.R.S. as income.

Rental Car Information

The currently approved mileage rate is 56 cents per mile. Your vehicle license number must be included on the claim.

Special Rules Regarding International Travel

Cal Poly employees travelling internationally should visit the Cal Poly International Center website for the required travel authorizations.

Reimbursement rates are the same as above. Upon your return you must convert each receipt submitted into US Dollars. Please use this link The Currency Site to connect to a currency conversion website that should be used to determine conversion rates. Please attach a copy of the currency conversion website output to your travel claim along with your receipts.

Once approved, international travel pre-authorization forms are returned to the department to be submitted with the travel claim (reimbursement) at the completion of travel. If an advance is required, the International Center will submit a copy of the Travel Pre-Authorization Form (1A) to the Travel Coordinator for processing.