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AFD iPad Guidelines

Support Scope

ANTS provides technical support for departmental purchased iPads for use in AFD. Support includes connectivity for email and calendar to the campus Collaboration Suite (currently Outlook), security settings and compliance, and application usage. ANTS also provides recommendations on apps for business use. Due to the number of apps available, the depth of support will vary.

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Technical Requirements

  • AFD iPads will be managed via Tivoli Mobile Device Manager (MDM) to assure compliance with campus security policies and guidelines.
  • Apple ID's will be departmentally owned rather than having personal accounts used.

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Purchasing Guidelines

  • AFD iPad purchases will be approved at the director or higher level.
  • Careful consideration should be made when buying data plans. Determine if a 3G/4G plan is needed prior to purchase.
    • 3G/4G devices initially cost $100-$200 more for purchase
    • Data plans can be very expensive ($400-$600 annually.)
    • All campus buildings, many businesses and hotels all have free wireless.
    • The MiFi is available from the VP of AFD when needed.
  • Requests for iPads will be processed through ANTS via email approval to ANTS will submit the purchase via a Service Desk purchase request.

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Additional Information

  • Cal Poly Property guidelines apply to iPads. Devices taken off-campus must follow these procedures.
  • iPads are not approved for the MPP reimbursement program.

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