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Meeting Technology Services

What is ANTS Meeting Technology Services (MTS)?

MTS is a service that ANTS provides to AFD users who are having meetings with technical set-up needs. ANTS can provide laptop, projector and conference phone set up for your meeting, seminar or special event.

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How do I schedule a meeting with technical Set up?

Your meeting should be scheduled as normal in the Outlook Calendar with attendees and a reserved room. ANTS has its own Outlook Calendar account which can be added. In your Outlook Calendar meeting, invite "" as an attendee. This will add ANTS to your meeting.

ANTS needs to know what equipment you need. In the description of your meeting, type in what equipment is required for your event. ANTS will arrive before the listed start time to setup for you. We will then return at the end of your meeting to pickup the equipment.

You will know that we are going to set up for your event when ANTS has accepted your meeting in Outlook Calendar. No other contact with ANTS is required. However, we request that you schedule your meetings 5 working days prior to your meeting. If you are scheduling ANTS with shorter notice than 5 working days, please call 805-756-ANTS to confirm your meeting set-up.

Detailed instructions for adding ANTS MTS to your meeting are available:

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Where can ANTS Set up my meeting?

ANTS can provide technical setup in almost any room in AFD areas where your meetings are scheduled. The most common locations for AFD meetings are in Building 1, Room 133 (AFD Project Room), Building 36 Room 105 (AFD Training Room), Building 70 Room 109 and 114. We can also provide limited technical assistance in the UU, PAC classroom and other areas based on need and availability.

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What Service Level does ANTS provide?

Please refer to our MTS Service Levels (PDF) document for our full scope of support details.

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If you have any questions, feel free to call the ANTS one call number at 805-756-ANTS (2687) or email us at

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