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How to Schedule ANTS MTS via Outlook Calendar

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Once logged into Outlook select the Calendar option on the lower left-hand side.
    From Outlook, Open your calendar.
  2. Double-click the time slot you wish to start your meeting in the Calendar
    An appointment window will appear.
    Fill out any pertinent information for your meeting.
    Fill out your appointment information.
  3. Click on the Schedule Tab.
    Click the Schedule Tab.
  4. Click on the Add Others drop down button and choose Add from Address Book.
    Add Others.
    Add from Address Book.
  5. Type ANTS into search field and the ANTS name will appear. Click on the Required button.
    Add ANTS Meeting Technology Services.
  6. Click OK button and you will be back on the Meeting window.
    Click on the Appointment tab and you will see that ANTS Meeting Technology
    Services is listed in the To field.
    Make sure ANTS is in the To Field.
  7. Please fill in the technical needs you require from ANTS before you Send out your request.

Operation Complete

You have now added ANTS MTS to your meeting. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems to report please contact ANTS 1-call at 6-2687 or send us email

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