The majority of budget activity at Cal Poly is within the General Fund. Departments are allocated funds each year by their Vice President and are responsible for the management of those funds. The Vice Presidents have established BASE budgets that are re-allocated each year. These allocations are augmented with funds for compensation and benefit increases based on actual costs. Any additional changes, increases or decreases, are the result of Cal Poly's Sources and Uses budget process. Each year, based on enrollment (FTE), the campus will receive an allocation increasing or decreasing the campus base. In addition to the general fund, there are several other types of funds at Cal Poly, the Dorm Revenue Fund - Housing, Dorm Revenue Fund - Parking, Lottery Trust Fund, and the State University Trust Fund.

Budget and Finance has additional information regarding these funds and the budget development process on their web site. In addition, feel free to contact them via email, telephone or in person.

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