Managing Departmental Finances

Cal Poly departments are allocated several different types of funding for various purposes, including the annual general fund allocation, lottery trust funds, other trust funds, etc. These funds are received, expended and managed through the use of the Cal Poly Chart of Accounts.

There are several types of department financial reports produced to assist departments in managing these funds. In addition to reporting, there are various transactions that a department may need to originate in the course of managing their finances, budget transfers, expenditure transfers, and petty cash, are a few of them.

Cal Poly is a state agency where the majority of our operating funds are allocated annually from California state tax revenues. These funds have to be spent within a specified time period and financial activity is reported to both the state and the Chancellor's Office each year end.

Our operating fiscal year is July 1 thru June 30. Each year end there are deadlines for various types of transactions. The campus is notified of these year end deadlines by the Associate Vice President for Finance.

Budget and Finance is available to assist you with managing department finances. They can be contacted via email, telephone, or just drop in.

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