There are numerous activities categorized as Payroll. While some activities relate to an employee, such as, tax withholding status changes, direct deposit, pay calendars, and leave time earned, many others are administrative. The Payroll Services department is responsible for issuing pay and managing employee leave balances. Some of the most common activities that Payroll can assist you with are:

  • Filling out hiring documentation
  • Direct Deposit
  • Changing tax withholding status
  • Providing monthly leave accounting activity

Forms necessary to enact payroll changes are available on the Payroll Services web site. Each department has a designated timekeeper to assist with the numerous administrative activities between departments and Payroll Services. Students self-report their time using Cal Poly's Student Pay System. A student pay handbook is available to assist with questions regarding the student application process, pay dates, etc.

Payroll Services staff is available to assist you on any and all of the activities related to Payroll, Monday thru Friday 8-5. Staff can be contacted via email, phone or in person. They are located in the Administration building, room 107.

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