Basically, by purchasing we mean "how to buy stuff." Because Cal Poly is a state agency, (not to be confused with the Cal Poly Corporation or the ASI, which are separate legal entities with their own business processes,) there are several ways to purchase items. The simple purchases are office supplies, items pre-approved to be purchased with the Cal Poly P-Card, printing, and Business Cards. It is also convenient to buy items covered by an existing state contract that have already been negotiated with a particular vendor.

In many cases, you will need to complete a purchase requisition in order to buy an item. Cal Poly uses the PeopleSoft Finance application to process on-line requisitions. You can refer to the Requisition Training Guide and the Requisition step-by-step guide for assistance. It is also possible that your purchase may require a formal or informal bid before it can be ordered.

For more options or further details on how to buy the item you need, please refer to the Procurement Process Guide. Additionally, feel free to contact the office of Contract and Procurement Services directly.

You may also have questions about what you can and cannot purchase with state funds. The most common questions are concerning the purchase of food items. Please review the campus hospitality policy and if you still have questions feel free to contact the office of Fiscal Services.

And finally, you may have to change a purchase order that was already issued, or inquire within the software to review information on an existing purchase order.

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