The End User's security for PeopleSoft Finance is granted using three types of Roles. The Roles for the End User are determined based on the function(s) the User will be performing in their job. The three roles for End User's are, Financial Inquiry Role, Purchasing Requester Role, and Purchasing Requisition Approval Role. The Roles are defined as follows. The Financial Inquiry Role allows the user access to view Financial Information either in the PeopleSoft application, Brio or nVision. The Purchasing Requestor Role allows a user to enter requisitions into PeopleSoft. The user must be assigned to a user with Purchasing Requisition Approval Role to complete the Requisition process. The Purchasing Requisition Approval Role - allows a user to approve requisitions in PeopleSoft but only requestor's that are attached to the User with the Approval Role.

If you are a new employee, you will need to start with the Security Request Form requesting access to the financial functionality and data required to do your job. If you are unsure of the financial access you should have, contact the CMS Finance Lead and they will be happy to assist you.

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