Stay Informed / Get Notified

PolyAlert Campus Emergency Notification System

PolyAlert PolyAlert is Cal Poly’s Emergency Notification System, and the primary tool for delivering critical emergency information to help ensure the safety of our community. PolyAlert can distribute emergency notifications through email, SMS text, and voice. Cal Poly email addresses are automatically enrolled in the PolyAlert system, but we highly encourage anyone with a Cal Poly Portal account to register their cell phone number to receive emergency alerts via text message, as this will allow community members to rapidly receive any emergency information. Cal Poly students, faculty, staff, and auxiliary employees may register up to two phone numbers with the system on the “Personal Info” tab at

Typical alerts sent out on this system include warnings of potential hazards, emergency instructions, evacuation orders, and other similar messages.

Cal Poly Partners

If you work at Cal Poly but do not have a Cal Poly email address, please contact your supervisor or email for information on how to enroll.

SLO Community Members and Supporters

If you’re a member of our local community or a Cal Poly supporter who regularly visits Cal Poly and would like to receive emergency text alerts, text “Join CalPoly” to 30890 to enroll your phone.

Other Emergency Notification Resources

Other jurisdictions within our county also have emergency notification systems you can choose to join. Below, please see a few of our public safety partners’ systems:

Reverse 911

This opt-in notification system for County residents is run by the County Sheriff’s Office and allows emergency officials to notify residents and businesses in a designated area of an emergency and actions they may need to take. To opt in and learn more, please visit: Reverse 911 Webpage


Nixle is a website and text communication platform used by the San Luis Obispo Police Department to keep SLO City residents informed of potentially unsafe situations. To opt in and see some of the messages they post, visit: SLO PD Nixle Webpage