Department of Emergency Management


Key Campus Contacts

Emergency: 911
University Police
Non-Emergencies: 805-756-2281

Information Sources

Cal Poly Emergency Information Call Center*


Emergency Alert System*

920 AM, 1400 AM, 98.1 FM, 1610 AM (Cal Poly)


* only activated during emergencies

Additional Information

Content is Maintained by Department of Emergency Management

Phone: 805-756-6658

Power Outage

  • Assess the extent of the outage in your area.
  • During the day, report the outage to your Building Coordinator or Facility Services.
  • In the evening, report the outage to University Police, 6-2281.
  • Turn on battery-powered radios and listen to Emergency Alert Radio Stations (920 AM, 1400 AM, 98.1 FM) for further information if the outage is an area event.
  • Use auxiliary light supplies (flashlights) conservatively.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment not protected by surge protectors and turn off office light switches unless needed.
  • If relocation is necessary, follow directions from authorized campus personnel.
  • Help persons in darkened rooms move to safety.
  • Keep refrigerators/freezers closed during outage.
  • Open windows for additional light and ventilation.
  • Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities which may be dangerous without power or when power is abruptly restored. When mechanical ventilation is interrupted, chemical vapors may reach hazardous concentrations.
  • Open windows and doors. Clean up any spills, store chemicals and close containers.
  • Remain at your work location and, if needed, work with your vice president's/executive director's office to relocate employees and classes to areas where there is natural light.

During a daytime power interruption, the campus will not close. Daytime class dismissal will be at the discretion of the instructor. If a blackout occurs at night, classes will be cancelled and the campus will be closed. The University Police Newsline (805-756-NEWS) as well as signs at main campus entrances will provide notification to the community.