Fremont Slide Restoration

Structural Completion: April 2022

Project Summary:

A slow-moving landslide occurred in February 2017 which impacted the Fremont Residence Hall. Residents were relocated and Fremont Hall is currently unoccupied pending resolution of the landslide as a pre-cautionary measure. Facilities Management and Development implemented piping and drainage features to collect and divert surface water, exported some soil, and installed erosion control measures to have the site winterized for Fall/Winter 2018. Nineteen inclinometers were installed to monitor movement. This project will stabilize the slide portion after removing the surface water surcharging.

Stage of Development:
Construction Phase

Behind Fremont dormitory area
Project Budget:
$15.8 million
Planning: June 2019 - August 2019
Design Development: Winter 2020
Bid/Guaranteed Maximum Price: September 2020 - July 2021
Construction: September 2021 - August 2022
Delivery Method:
Collaborative Design-Build
FPCP Project Manager:
Eric Soderin

California Polytechnic State University
University Housing
Yeh Associates