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William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation

Cal Poly is constructing a new facility at the center of campus nestled just north and across the street from the Baker Center (BLDG 180) and next to the Agriculture (BLDG 10) and English (BLDG 22) buildings.

This new facility, the William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation, will bring three colleges together under one roof: the College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts. Here is a live feed of the active construction site.

The building will be on four levels and 102,000 square feet, a little over half the size of the adjacent Baker Center. It will house the following programs:

College of Science and Mathematics: Supported by William and Linda Frost will be 13 modern laboratories designed for students to perform cutting edge research with their faculty mentors in each of the College’s disciplines. A new plant conservatory will be constructed on the hill overlooking Poly Canyon Village at the intersection of Village Drive and Poly Canyon Road.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences: The Boswell Agricultural Technology Center will facilitate research and discovery in seven cutting edge laboratories to educate tomorrow’s leaders in food innovation and experiential design.

College of Liberal Arts: The Jack and Felicia Cashin Expressive Technology Studios will house performance, recording, editing and project design spaces, as well as a computer lab, for students and faculty to collaborate on creative work at the nexus of the arts, humanities and technology.

Also: Three university classrooms, 46 faculty offices and three conference rooms.

Current Project Notifications

  • Pedestrians and vehicles should travel with caution on Poly View Drive.
  • N. Perimeter Rd sidewalk between Building 22 English and Building 47 Faculty Offices North will be closed. Pedestrians should utilize alternative paths and use designated crosswalks.
  • Cyclist and vehicles shall share the road between Via Carta and Safety Way East on Perimeter Rd.
  • Occupants of Building 10 Agriculture, Building 22 English, Building 47 Faculty Offices North, Building 53 Science North, and Building 180 Center for Science will observe construction noise and activity from the work site between Buildings 22 and 47.
  • Faculty teaching in the impacted buildings listed above may request sound proofing panels to cover classroom windows or pedestal fans for comfort. To request panels or fans please contact the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555 or
  • Project support staff are available to speak about the project impacts to classes or at department meetings. To schedule please contact Jessica Hunter at with the desired date and time.
  • Buildings adjacent to construction site with ventilation & heating only HVAC systems will be scheduled for “night flush” to help improve comfort for occupants. Ventilation will be scheduled to full at night to maximize intake of cooler evening air and scheduled to minimum during the day when temperatures are warmer. This will help to maintain a more comfortable temperature for occupants with closed windows. Building heat will be scheduled off for the summer.
  • The preventative maintenance schedule for HVAC systems of buildings adjacent to construction site will be increased to maintain maximum efficiency.
  • Sound and dust barriers will be installed at designated locations in the construction site to mitigate noise and dust.

Please continue to check back to this page for project news, construction notifications, and updates.

Approximate Construction Schedule:

Summer 2019: Demolition of Plant Conservatory and structures immediately adjacent to west side of Science North as well as other site preparation.

August-November 2019: Site work including excavation and shoring. Also laying of concrete footings.

November 2019-February 2020: Concrete footings and exterior structure columns and walls for Level 1.

February-April 2020: Concrete footings and exterior structure columns and walls for Level 2

April-May 2020: Concrete columns and walls for Level 3.

May-July 2020: Concrete columns and walls for Level 4.

July-August 2020: Walls and support for roof areas.

August-December 2020: Roof and exterior finishes. Interior framing.

January-June 2021: Interior finishes and installation of lab casework.

Summer/Fall 2021: Construction complete.

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