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Building Permits

Cal Poly's Building Permit Program formalizes all project planning and code compliance reviews performed by various departments, auxiliaries and committees. Permit requests are submitted to the Facilities Management & Development Help Center.

Building Permits fall into two categories: 1) Permits initiated by Facilities Planning & Capital Projects as part of a project and 2) Permits initiated by a campus entity which is not part of a project. If your project has a Facilities Project Manager they will handle the permitting process for you.

Under specific circumstances a Department or Auxiliary may undertake a project with their own resources. Please allow a minimum of six weeks when submitting a permit request to allow for inspections, plan review, and State Fire Marshall approval. Please include supporting documentation with your permit request such as a scope description, specifications, plans, drawings, photos, etc. and be sure that it is signed by the authorizing entity for your department.

Activities Requiring a Building Permit

*Please note this list is not inclusive. You can find the permit form here!


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