Architectural Trades

Architectural Trades include these services:

The mission of Architectural Trades is to deliver services in a cost-effective, timely, courteous, and professional manner, while providing a safe, comfortable, and enhanced learning/working environment utilizing current technology. The section is comprised of six separate trade shops: Carpenter Shop, Electric Shop, Lock Shop, Paint Shop, Plumbing Shop and one multi-trade shop located in Poly Canyon Village apartments, which are responsible for maintaining over six million square feet of building space campus wide, including State-funded buildings and residence halls. All trade shop personnel are committed to providing the best quality service to campus students, faculty, and staff.

All shops complete emergency response, preventive maintenance, campus maintenance requests, and small department-funded recharge work. Maintenance and recharge work can be requested through the Service Request Process or by calling Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555.

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Carpenter Shop

All work associated with the interior and exterior building structure and components can be handled by the Carpenter Shop. This includes repairs to doors and door jambs, floors, ceilings, wall systems, windows and window coverings, construction of interior walls, cabinets, shelving, and counters, building roof systems, retaining walls, sidewalk forming and pouring, and restroom maintenance and repair. The shop also provides special event services for graduation, Open House, presidential functions, WOW week, athletic events, and other event services as requested.

The Carpenter Shop oversees maintenance in the traditional dormitory areas (housing) and State-funded buildings. If you need carpentry or maintenance service, contact the Facilities Help Center, 805-756-5555.

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Electric Shop

The Electric Shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all power supplied to the entire campus, which includes the main campus and dormitory buildings. The campus electrical distribution system is maintained by electrical shop personnel and provided from two substations through either underground conduit or in overhead cabling. These systems provide all electrical needs to the campus buildings through various transformers which supply the different voltages as required by the campus customer. The Electric Shop maintains all light fixtures and receptacle on campus, and all electrical service required to power building equipment. Additionally, the Electric Shop personnel provide assistance to new building construction and complete remodel projects requested by the various campus departments. All Electric Shop requests should be directed to the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555.

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Lock Shop

All work associated with the proper functioning of door lock mechanisms and security on all campus, state buildings, residence halls and apartment doors is the responsibility of the Lock Shop. This includes removal of broken keys, core changes, lockset repairs, automatic door initial response problems, door closure repairs, repairs to building exit door hardware, and preventive maintenance.

Locksmiths work on a recharge basis, available to departments who need a different type of entry system, such as combination lock, push button, and electronic door access system or core changes. The Locksmiths are dedicated to providing quick response lock repairs and security to the campus community.

All lock repair requests can be directed to the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555.

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Paint Shop

Public Areas in State Buildings

General maintenance painting is provided on an "as needed" basis at no cost for classrooms, restrooms, hallways, instructional areas and other public areas that have not been painted in the past ten years. These areas are painted only with Campus standard colors by the Facilities Operations Paint Shop. The paint shop also assigns painters to provide painting services for Housing residence halls.

Self-Performed Painting

Departments may use their own labor for small and occasional painting projects. All such projects require a Building Permit. Departments may paint their own areas provided they first obtain an approved Building Permit from Facilities Planning & Capital Projects. If the department wishes to use Campus standard colors, Facilities Operations will provide the paint and the department will provide the labor. If the department wishes to use a non-standard color, Facilities Operations will not be responsible for future maintenance of the paint job as we do not stock non-standard paints.

Graffiti Removal

Paint Shop personnel are also responsible for removing campus graffiti (notify Facilities Help Center, 805-756-5555).

Departmental Office Areas in State Buildings

Maintenance painting for departmental office areas is also provided at no charge, provided the supervising Painter has determined that the existing paint has deteriorated to a point of needing repainting and standard Campus colors are used.

Requesting Departments will be charged for all painting if the current paint has not deteriorated or a color different than the Campus standard is used.

Non-State Facilities

Campus Auxiliaries (Corporation, ASI, etc.) are responsible for all painting in these areas. All painting must have an approved Building Permit (see above) before work begins. Auxiliaries may also request an estimate for service from Facilities Operations. The paint shop also provides maintenance and small project painting to the traditional dormitory areas.

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Plumbing Shop

The plumbing shop is the purveyor of major utilities on campus to include: natural gas, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, potable water, and fire flow.

The Plumbing Shop responds to customer requests regarding installation, repair, or removal of all plumbing fixtures throughout campus, campus housing, outlying ranches, and the Marine Science Education Research Center. It also operates, maintains and/or tests sewer lift stations, backflow devices, and fire hydrants. Additionally, the plumbers provide assistance with new construction projects, renovations and remodels. All Plumbing Shop requests should be directed to the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555.

Poly Canyon Village Maintenance

The Poly Canyon Village (PCV) Shop is responsible for the repair and maintenance of Poly Canyon Village and Cerro Vista housing apartment complex. PCV Shop is a full service shop, with journey-level trades personnel in Carpentry, Electrical, Engineering Services, Painting, Plumbing, and Facilities Maintenance.

The PCV Shop operates and maintains boilers, cogeneration station, pool equipment, building HVAC, electrical, and fire alarm systems. It also maintains all components in the apartment, including cabinets, floors, painting, heating, electrical systems and all associated plumbing systems.

The PCV Shop supports Housing's commitment and mission to provide an enhanced and quality campus experience for all students and staff. All Poly Canyon Village Shop requests should be directed to the Housing Work Center at 805-756-9320.

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Campus Clocks

GPS/Satellite and wireless clocks are located in most general purpose lecture rooms throughout campus. These clocks pick up a signal by satellite and automatically adjust to the correct time. If a clock does not automatically adjust within 48 hours of Daylight Savings, contact the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555,, or via the Facilities Customer and Business Services link on the Cal Poly Portal.

Clocks in general purpose lecture rooms will be maintained at no charge. Departments may request clocks be installed or batteries replaced in other locations, for a charge.

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