Building Permits

Cal Poly's Building Permit Program formalizes all project planning and code compliance reviews performed by various departments, auxiliaries and committees. Facilities Planning administers this program.

Building Permits fall into two categories: 1) Permits initiated by Facilities Planning as part of a project and 2) Permits initiated by a campus entity which is not part of a project. If your project is being built by Facilities, the Building Permit process is internal. The process is the same but the customer is not required to act.

  1. Permit Initiated by Facilities Planning (Projects)
    • Non-maintenance construction built by Facility Services and charged back to the requesting department. The project is assigned to a Facilities Project Manager, who coordinates all construction permit activities and inspections.
    • Public Works contract administered by Facilities Planning.
  2. Permit Initiated by Departments, Auxiliaries, or Committees
    • A building permit issued to those who wish to undertake projects with their own resources.
      • Processing time is a minimum of three weeks (for inspections, plan review, fire marshal approval, etc.)
      • Must include necessary supporting documentation (i.e. scope, specifications, plans, drawings, pictures, etc.)
      • Must have appropriate authorized signature (will be returned to requestor if missing)

Activities Requiring a Campus Building Permit

  • Any Furniture Installation
  • Activities Involving Building or Roof Structures
  • Activity That Will Disturb Any Building Surface (Interior or Exterior)
  • Any Activity with Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents, or Canopies
  • Any Activity In or Adjacent to a designated Waterway, Creek or Drainage Route
  • Any Activity That May Add, Alter or Modify ADA Requirements
  • Any Underground or Overhead Work
  • Awnings and Trellises
  • Building Additions, Alterations, Remodels and/or Tenant Improvements
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing or Building Additions or Alterations
  • Equipment Installation Requiring More Than Plug and Cord
  • Garden Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping and Related Improvements or Modifications, Including Drainage
  • Patios, Decks and Fences
  • Satellite Dish or Antenna Installations, Modifications or Removals on Campus
  • Security & Intrusion Alarms Including Keypads, Card Swipes, Panic Buttons etc.
  • Signage Installation, Modification or Removal

*Please note this list is not inclusive.

Process Summary for Building Permits Initiated by a Campus Entity

  • Requester submits a BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION FORM including all supplemental documentation (i.e. scope, specifications, plans, drawings, pictures, etc.) to the Facilities Help Center.
  • The Facilities Help Center sends a “Permit Request Is Under Review” email confirmation to requestor.
  • Once all reviews are completed, Facilities Planning determines whether or not to issue the building permit. If the permit is issued, any “special conditions or requirements” are noted and attached to the permit and emailed back to the requestor.

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