Tent & Canopy Use Permit

Effective immediately, all campus departments planning activities on campus that require tent/canopy structures are required to submit an On-Campus Tent/Canopy Use Permit to Facility Services. In a ccordance with Fire and Life Safety Standards of Titles 19 and 24, California Code of Regulations, tents and temporary membrane structures having combined areas in excess of 200 square feet and canopies in excess of 400 square feet will require a permit.

To apply for a Building Permit/Use Permit, select this Building/Use Permit Application, complete the form and either email as an attachment to or fax the application to 805-756-6114 attn. Facilities Help Center.

This permit must be requested and issued prior to processing a Purchase Order (PO) and event planners should not commit to a tent/canopy service provider until the permit & PO 's are available. The permit process may include special instruction which have to be completed by the event host or tent/canopy service provider.

If you require awning/canopies/tent structures two or more times a year in the same geographic location for pre-approved events, (i.e. graduation ceremony, book sales, Open House) Facility Services will issue a yearly permit to that campus entity.