Professional Development & Fee Waiver

Employee and Organization Development

Employee and Organization Development provides training and development resources for Cal Poly's employees. We develop programs and strategies, facilitate initiatives and ideas, and direct employees toward the wealth of resources available on and off our campus.

There are a variety of learning opportunities available to support university managers and staff through instructor-led sessions, workshops and online resources. The resources offered on this site assist employees at all levels in developing the skills and competencies needed to be successful in their current roles, to prepare them for new responsibilities in future roles, and to enrich their personal lives.

Fee Waiver Program

In addition, most employees of Cal Poly are eligible to participate in the Fee Waiver Program, which gives eligible faculty and staff employees the opportunity to attend classes at CSU campuses at greatly reduced rates. Eligible employees who do not wish to take advantage of the Fee Waiver benefit may transfer the benefit to a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child, in accordance with the appropriate bargaining unit contract.

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