Dependent Fee Waiver FAQs

What is the Dependent Fee Waiver Program?

The Dependent Fee Waiver Program allows eligible employees to transfer a partial fee waiver benefit to a spouse, dependent child, or an eligible domestic partner (where allowable). Please see Dependent Fee Waiver Criteria on the Eligibility page for more information.

Who may transfer their Fee Waiver benefit, to whom may the benefit be transferred, and how is eligibility determined?

CSU Fee Waiver eligibility criteria for represented and non-represented employee categories can be found on the Eligibility page.

Which fees are reduced or waived?

The program allows for a reduction of tuition fees based on statutory restrictions, CSU policy, or collective bargaining agreements. For a summary of fees and calculations, go to the University Fees Fee Waiver Programs site.

Are there conditions which apply to the participation in the Dependent Fee Waiver Program?

Yes, there are a number of conditions. Please take time to review the Guidelines page, whichs explain how the conditions may effect your transfer of the fee waiver benefit.

Is the Dependent Fee Waiver benefit taxed?

Please go to the Guidelines page which provides tax information specific to both the Dependent Fee Waiver benefit and the Employee Fee Waiver benefit.

May I transfer the benefit if my spouse/domestic partner/dependent child is attending a CSU other than Cal Poly?

Yes, an eligible employee's spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child may use the transferred benefit at any other CSU campus. Please see the Guidelines page for more information on Intercampus Enrollment.

How Do I Apply To Use Dependent Fee Waiver?

For step by step instructions, please go to How to Apply - Dependents.

Is there someone I may speak to in person if I have additional questions?

Please contact Terizza Miller at 805-756-7354 or you may e-mail her at for additional information regarding the Dependent Fee Waiver Program.

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