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Succeeding at Work as a Student

At least forty percent of students enrolled in college full-time also hold part-time employment (Calderwood, et al., 2017). Working while going to school full-time can be stressful and emotionally taxing. Below are some resources to help you take control of your work environment, feel more engaged and reach your employment goals while attending school.

Job Interview Skills

Job interview advice from a certified trainer. Learn the the essential skills and techniques.

Succeeding at a Job

Initial impressions are important, and an employee must look and act like a professional in order to succeed.

Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers

Identify the peers in your organization who are important in meeting your goals and learn how to maintain beneficial relationships with these people.

Finding a Job (Articles)

Getting that First Job: Search and Resume Tips

Any search for employment can be daunting, but looking for that first job can often be overwhelming. You may feel that you are finally getting the chance to prove yourself to the world, and that might mean a lot of pressure. While some of the classic job search dos and don’ts still apply, technological advances and new trends are important to keep in mind when trying to get a foot in the door. With a little hard work, before you know it, you’ll have landed that memorable first position.

Getting that First Job: Tips for the Interview

Now you’ve sent out your resumes and you’ve gotten some call backs, and it’s time to ace the interview. What can you expect, and what can give you an edge so you land that job?

Succeeding at a Job (Courses)

Uncovering and Utilizing Your Talents and Skills

We all have individual talents and skills that make us unique in some way, but you may not be aware of your own skills, or how to use those skills to improve many areas of your life. In this course, you'll learn what is meant by talent and skill, and why it's important to understand what talents you possess. This course also covers techniques for identifying your unique capabilities, and outlines what you should include in a talent action plan to fully utilize and develop your key talents and skills.

Self-improvement for Lifelong Success

We all have areas of our lives to improve upon, and working toward self-improvement has lasting positive impacts on your personal and professional life. In this course you'll learn about the key principles to keep in mind when committing to self-improvement to help keep you on track.

Becoming More Professional through Business Etiquette

Your reputation often precedes you in any work environment. It can define your credibility, impact your career opportunities, and shape your relationships with your colleagues. In this course, you'll learn the basics of how to act professionally and practice proper business etiquette.