Parking Regulations

California State Polytechnic University
San Luis Obispo
Motor Vehicle, Parking, Scooter And Bicycle Regulations
Revised September, 2017

Authority and Purpose

In accordance with Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code and Section 40203.5, of Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, the administration of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, hereby gives notice that the following regulations will be enforced on this campus. Henceforth "California Vehicle Code" will be referred to as "CVC".

This handbook can be located at or at the University Police Department, Building #36.

The purposes of these regulations are to:

  • Expedite university business and provide maximum safety and convenience
  • Regulate parking with priority given to services of the university
  • Provide and maintain suitable campus parking and traffic facilities

Section 1: Definitions

The concept of "pay for parking" on campuses of The California State University is at the direction of the State Legislature and is based on the knowledge that parking facilities must be paid for by the user. The money collected for parking permits reimburses the state for costs of constructing and operating parking facilities. Enforcement of parking regulations is the direct responsibility of the university.
1.2 Campus
Campus, for the purpose of these regulations, is defined as all property owned, leased, and/or controlled by California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) which is, or may hereafter be dedicated mainly to the educational, research, housing, recreational, parking, or other activities of the university.
1.2.1 Hours of Permit Enforcement
Unless otherwise indicated in this section, all permit regulations are enforced Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Friday, quarter breaks and summer quarter, 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. All other regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All resident areas are enforced 24/7.
Parking on campus is by permit only with the exception of metered spaces. This policy applies to the entire campus, which includes all outlying areas.
Cal Poly provides parking for a fee in the following classifications:
1.4.1 Staff
For the purpose of these regulations, "Staff" includes all faculty, administrative and professional employees, temporary employees, other support personnel employed by the university, and the personnel of other entities located on campus. Student and graduate assistants are not considered staff members as they are primarily on campus for purposes related to their educational goals. Staff may purchase staff parking permits for their own use, which authorizes parking in staff lots, spaces, staff loading zones, and general parking spaces. Staff may park in any "Orange" lot space.
1.4.2 Commuter Students
Any student who does not live on campus. Commuter students may only purchase "General" parking permits that authorize parking in general lots and/or spaces. Signs located within or at entrances to parking areas indicate general parking.
1.4.3 Resident Students
Any student living on campus in a residence hall or apartment. Parking permit assignment will be determined by housing assignment and is subject to change. Student residents may only park in their assigned resident parking area or lot.
1.4.4 Visitors
Persons who are not staff or matriculating students and who only visit the campus on an occasional basis. Visitors may purchase General permits or may be sponsored by a campus host. (See Section 2). California Exempt ("E" plates) or federal government vehicles on campus for official business do not require a permit.
1.4.5 Motorcycles
Any two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicle as defined by these regulations and the CVC.
1.5 Disabled Parking
A parking zone identified with a sign bearing the international disability symbol is restricted at all times for use by vehicles displaying a valid Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issued placard or license plates, and a Cal Poly parking permit or complimentary disabled visitor pass (See Section 8).

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Section 2: Visitor and Sponsored Guest Parking

2.1 Visitor Parking
Visitors may utilize metered zones or may purchase general parking permits and utilize general parking areas only.
2.1.2 Disabled Visitors
See Section 8.
2.2 Sponsored Guest
"Sponsored Guests" are defined as any individual invited to Cal Poly whose parking fee has been sponsored by a university entity in advance by a benefiting college or department.
Sponsored Guest parking permits will be honored in designated sponsored guest, general or staff spaces. Sponsored guest permits are only valid in "Orange" lots after 5pm.
Sponsored Guest parking permits are not valid in metered spaces, residential spaces, state vehicle spaces, and disabled spaces unless the appropriate DMV disabled placard or plates are displayed.
Any vehicle that is registered to or in use by any Cal Poly employee or currently enrolled student are NOT entitled to the use of Sponsored Guest parking permits and will be issued a notice of parking violation if found displaying such a permit.
Any valid Cal Poly permit is honored in sponsored guest spaces after 5:00 p.m., weekends and holidays when campus is closed.

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Section 3: Staff Parking

3.1 Staff Parking Designations
Areas designated for those individuals with staff permits are identified by a sign or signs posted at the entrance to the parking area, marked wheel stops, pavement or curb markings with the word "staff" stenciled at the space. A number of staff parking spaces are designated for use by staff only until 10 p.m., or 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week. These spaces are identified with a wheel stop stenciled in black, "Staff 7am-¬10pm" or "Staff 24/7".
3.1.1 Unauthorized Use of Staff Parking Zones
General, Conference, Event and Resident permits are not valid in staff parking areas before 5:00 p.m.
3.2 Off-Duty Faculty/Staff Permits
Complimentary Off-Duty Faculty/Staff parking permits are available for faculty and staff who are on leave from Cal Poly, or otherwise on "zero" pay status during a specific academic quarter or quarters. These permits may be obtained through Transportation and Parking Services. Off-Duty Faculty/Staff permits allow faculty/staff on leave to visit campus briefly to pick-up mail, check schedules, messages, etc. These employees must purchase a staff parking permit on or before the date they return to active status. See Section 1.4.1 for staff definitions.
3.3 Staff Carpool
To utilize marked carpool spaces a Cal Poly Carpool permit and staff parking permit must be displayed. After 10:00 a.m., all valid staff parking permits will be honored in these designated spaces. Registered carpoolers must arrive on campus together to be eligible for this privilege.

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Section 4: Resident Student Parking

4.1 Resident Parking Designations
R1 permits are only valid in the R1 parking lot located off Klamath Rd. R3 permits are only valid in the Village Drive Parking structure (R3) located off Village Dr. R4 permits are only valid in the Canyon Circle Parking Structure (R4) located off Canyon Circle. Resident Permits are not valid in the Grand Avenue Parking Structure adjacent to the Performing Arts Center, student residents must park within their assigned residential parking area.
4.1.1 Freshman Resident
Freshman residents are not allowed to purchase ANY permit. Freshman who do purchase a parking permit will be found in violation and are subject to citation.
4.2 Non-Freshman Residents
Non-Freshman residents may only purchase resident parking permits. Student residents are not allowed to purchase ANY other type of permit.
4.3 Use of Non-Resident Lots
Unless otherwise noted on signs or marked on wheel stops/curbs, R (Resident) permits are honored in any of the following zones after 5:00 p.m.: General, Staff (excluding marked 7am-10pm and 24/7 staff spaces), and Sponsored Guest or limited time zones for the posted time limit. R permits are not valid in these spaces after 7:00 a.m., Monday -Friday. R (Resident) permits are not honored in metered spaces or in the Grand Avenue parking structure at any time.
4.4 Unauthorized Use of Resident Parking
General, Conference, Sponsored Guests, Staff, and Vendor permits are not valid in resident lots with the exception of Winter Break, Spring Break & Summer Quarter.
Resident Students are limited to one (1) full-sized vehicle on campus at a time.(CPSU CODE 13.7)

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Section 5: Emeritus Parking

5.1 Emeritus Defined
An "Emeritus", for the purpose of campus parking regulations, is any faculty or staff person, including employees of Cal Poly's official auxiliary organizations, who meets the required criteria of a minimum of 10 full-time equivalent years of meritorious service at Cal Poly. (Refer to the Campus Administrative Policies under Chapter 5 - Employee Benefits, Section 550.1).
5.1.1 Emeritus Parking Permits
Emeritus permits are honored in staff, general, sponsored guest, limited time zones (posted time limit only), and staff loading zones (posted time limit only). Emeritus permits are not honored in metered spaces, disabled spaces (unless a DMV disabled placard or plates are displayed), state vehicle zones, and passenger loading zones.
5.1.2 Unauthorized Use of Emeritus Permits
Emeritus permits are not transferable and are valid only for use by the Emeritus employee. The Emeritus parking permit cannot be used by either a friend or a relative.
5.1.3 Those wishing to obtain Emeritus parking permits or those seeking to determine if they have emeritus status should contact Human Resources.
5.1.4 When an Emeritus (i.e., Retired Annuitant) is re-employed and receives wages for their services by any source, he/she is required to pay for parking on campus during the assignment. A staff parking permit must be purchased and Emeritus parking privileges as defined above will be suspended for the duration of the assignment.

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Section 6: Executive Parking

6.1 Executive Parking Defined
The Executive parking pass is designed to assist the University's Vice Presidents and College Deans by allowing limited privileged parking on campus. This arrangement benefits Cal Poly by accommodating those individuals with tightly scheduled University business trips on and off campus that would otherwise impede their duties.
6.1.1 Executive Parking Charges/Fees
There is no cost for the Executive Parking Pass. The Executive Pass cannot be loaned or transferred to any other guest, visitor, student, and staff or faculty member. Vehicles found using the Executive Parking Pass without authorization will be subject to citation and tow away.
6.2 Use of Executive Parking Pass
The Executive Parking Pass is to be used only in cases where staff parking is not readily available within reasonably close proximity to the driver's destination.
6.3 Display of Executive Parking Pass
The Executive Pass should be displayed from the rear view mirror, facing forward, clearly visible from the exterior of the car. Staff parking permit rates must be paid annually or via payroll deduction for the Executive Pass to be valid.
6.4 Executive Parking Zones
Executive Parking Pass holders may utilize the following zones: staff, general, sponsored guest and executive parking spaces. Limited-time staff loading and limited-time zones (excluding meters) may be utilized for the posted time period only.
6.5 Unauthorized Zones/Executive Parking Pass
An Executive Parking Pass is not valid in lot A-1, residential student lots (R-1,R-3 or R-4), state vehicle spaces (yellow zones), red zones, non-designated spaces (outside of painted lines or zones), disabled spaces (without a DMV disabled placard or plates), passenger loading zones (white curbed areas) or metered parking zones.

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Section 7: Contractor/Vendor Parking

7.1 Contractor/Vendor Defined
Any individual not permanently employed by Cal Poly who is contracted to perform a service for the University or any agent of the University (i.e. building project, computer servicing or programming, etc.) or, any employee of a private business which maintains an office or offices on University property, must purchase the appropriate parking permit if they wish to park on campus. The issue of contract length or purpose of the services contracted is not relevant.
7.1.1 Vendor Parking
Vendors who purchase vendor parking permits may park in general, staff, and staff loading zones (for the posted time limit). Vendor permits are not valid in meters, sponsored guest, state vehicle zones (unless prior authorization is received from Transportation and Parking Services), in resident parking lots and structures, undesignated spaces and Disabled Zones (unless displaying DMV disabled placard or license plates).
7.1.2 Contractor Parking
Transportation and Parking Services and the Facilities Planning Project Manager will determine allocation of parking spaces and associated parking fees.

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Section 8: Disabled Parking

8.1 Disabled Parking/Visitors
In accordance with Education Code 67301(b), visitors of Cal Poly displaying a valid disabled placard or license plates issued by the DMV are required to obtain a complimentary disabled parking pass. The complimentary parking pass can be obtained at the Grand Avenue Visitor Information Center, Transportation and Parking Services, and the Cashier's Office. Placard owner must be present and prepare to show the attendant a valid Disabled Registration form I.D. Persons with a disability placard will be charged the current event parking fee when utilizing an event lot.
8.2 Parking for Persons with Disabilities/Students and Staff
In accordance with Title 5, CCR 42200 (c), campus parking regulations do not permit complimentary parking for matriculating students or employees. Staff, faculty and student vehicles not displaying a valid Cal Poly parking permit along with the DMV issued disabled placard or license plates will be subject to citation.
8.3 Parking Spaces for Persons with Disabilities
In compliance with state law and the American Disabilities Act, a number of parking spaces have been designated for use by disabled individuals only. These spaces are readily identifiable by a blue curb marking and a mounted sign with the international physical disabled logo. Disabled placards and/or license plates are honored in staff, general, sponsored guest, and disabled spaces. Individuals with disabilities choosing to utilize the parking meters on campus must (1) display their valid disabled placard or license plate and (2) either pay the metered rate, or display a valid campus parking permit or Complimentary Disabled Parking Pass. The Grand Avenue Visitor Information Center can assist disabled individuals that are unable to access the parking permit dispensers.

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Section 9: Commuter Student Parking

9.1 Student Defined
A student is defined as any matriculating student. For the purpose of these regulations, this includes any individual working towards completion of a senior project for a degree awarded or an individual whose intention is the completion of the necessary paperwork to officially withdraw from the current academic quarter. For the purpose of these regulations, continuing education and concurrent enrollment students shall follow the same guidelines as visitors to Cal Poly. Staff and faculty who are taking class are not considered a "student".
9.1.1 General Parking Designations
General permits are honored in general parking lots. Areas in which general permits are valid have plain or unpainted wheel stops and or curbs (that are not within a dedicated staff or resident lot or area), and may have a sign at the entrance to the specific general parking area. All parking zones and spaces not otherwise marked or indicated (such as in outlying agricultural areas) are authorized for use by general permit holders.
9.1.2 Use of Other Parking Lots
Unless otherwise noted on signs or marked on wheel stops/curbs, General permits are honored in sponsored guest and staff zones after 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

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Section 10: Event Parking

10.1 Event Defined
"Any program held on campus where reserved or specialized parking for attendees is requested, or the size, location, time and date of the activity has the potential to impact the traffic flow and/or access to the campus, or the activity poses a potential liability to the university as determined by Transportation and Parking services.
10.2 Event Parking
For the purpose of clarification, the closest or most convenient parking to the event venue is referred to as "event parking." Event parking available during the academic year on weekdays beginning after 5:00 p.m., on weekends, and during the summer quarter or at times deemed appropriate by Transportation and Parking Services. Event parking is contingent on parking space availability and is available on a limited basis due to the costs incurred by the event host, the logistics that must be handled by the event host, Transportation and Parking Services and the ability of the Transportation and Parking Services to provide the service. Prior to offering event parking, event hosts must contact Transportation and Parking Services to provide sufficient lead-time for coordinating services and determining financial feasibility.
10.3 Event Restrictions
For consistency purposes, event hosts may not schedule events on major campus wide event days. Examples include: Open House, Fall Commencement, Spring Commencement, fall quarter, Residence Hall Move-In, first week of school each quarter, Finals Week (fall and spring quarter) and Fall Launch/Week of Welcome programs. Events supporting major campus wide events will be considered based on availability. Parking during these events will remain under the control of the event organizers in cooperation with Transportation and Parking services.
10.4 Event Parking Permits
Event parking permits will be required seven days a week for any vehicle wishing to park within a designated event lot. All other non-event parking areas will remain under existing campus parking regulations and will be enforced. It is Cal Poly's intent to keep the event parking permit fee consistent regardless of the event attended. The current event "per-vehicle" fee will be charged for all pre-sale and on-site event-parking permits. Campus staff/faculty quarterly, annual and Emeritus parking permits are honored in lieu of purchasing a separate event parking permit. However, daily and other limited-term parking permits will not be honored in the designated event lot(s). Campus parking permits will not allow access into designated preferred or disabled parking areas without additional authorization.
10.5 Display of Event Parking Permit
Vehicles that enter a designated event parking area are required to display a valid event parking permit on the left-hand side of the dash board.
10.6 Event Staff Directions
In accordance with CVC Section 21100.3, it is unlawful to willfully disobey the lawful order, signal, or direction of any traffic officer or attendant staffing the event parking area. In accordance with Transportation and Parking Services Code 14.5, failure to obey event staff directions may result in criminal prosecution.

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Section 11: Motorcycle Parking

11.1 Motorcycle Defined
Any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider, designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. Engine larger than 150cc and less than 150cc needs a permit. Motorized bicycle or moped (gas powered), must have pedals, automatic transmission, not to exceed 30 MPH, does not need a permit and must park in bike rack.
11.1.1 Motorcycle Parking Designations
Motorcycles may park within one designated motorcycle parking space, or within one designated metered parking space (meter rates must be paid during meter enforcement hours). Parking in a full sized vehicle space (except as indicated for metered spaces), adding on outside of designated motorcycle parking, or parking in an otherwise unlawful or unsafe manner is prohibited.
11.2 Traffic Regulations/Motorcycles
Two–wheel and three–wheel motor vehicles are permitted to circulate within the campus on paved public roadways only and are not allowed in designated bicycle lanes.
11.3 Off-Road Travel/Motorcycles
Two–wheel and three–wheel motor vehicles are not allowed to hill-climb or trail-ride on Cal Poly property, except for special events approved by the University Police Department.
11.4 Motorized Scooters
Refer to Bicycle Regulations Section 20.9

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Section 12: Parking Permits

12.1 Permits
Parking permits are available for sale on line or through the University Cashier's Office, Administration Building #1 Room #131E, University Police Department Building #36 or Visitor Information Center located at the corner of Grand and Slack Street. PERMITS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE and are for use by the person they are issued to only.
12.2 Alternate Vehicles
To accommodate multiple vehicles registered to a single owner, or those employees involved in a carpool for two or more people, permits are issued as a hang-tag to be displayed in the vehicle driven to campus and easily moved between vehicles as needed. If one of the alternate vehicles registered to an employee member is a motorcycle, a motorcycle permit may be issued to accommodate it providing both vehicles will not be on campus simultaneously. When two vehicles, including motorcycles, share a permit and will be on campus at the same time, a daily permit for the additional vehicle must be purchased.
12.3 Hang-Tag Permit Display
The permit must be displayed from the rearview mirror with the permit fully visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Vehicles displaying hang-tag permits in any other manner are subject to citation for improper display of the permit. For safety, permits should always be removed from the rearview mirror before the vehicle is in motion.
12.4 Conference Permits
Conference permits are valid only in general lots and/or spaces and in outlying campus areas. Conference permits are not honored in metered spaces.
12.5 Weekly Permits
Weekly permits are available for purchase. Weekly permits are not honored in metered spaces or in "Orange" lots. Weekly parking permits that are purchased after a citation has been issued will not be considered for dismissal of the citation. Weekly permits are only valid in these lots: H-1, K-1 and Grand Avenue Structure.
12.6 Daily Permits
General daily parking permits are available from parking pay stations located throughout campus. Permits purchased from these pay stations are valid only on the date of purchase. General parking permits are valid only in H-1, K-1, H13, Sports Complex, Grand Avenue Structure, and outlining areas. Daily permits are not honored in metered spaces. Daily parking permits that are purchased after a citation has been issued will not be considered for dismissal of the citation. General parking permits are NOT for use by resident students. Daily permits are not valid in Staff, Sponsored Guest, Orange Lots, and Resident Lots.
12.7 Daily Permits (Staff)
Staff daily permits may be purchased at the University Cashier's Office, at the University Police Department, or at the Grand Avenue Visitor Information Center. Staff daily permits are valid in staff and general parking lots and/or spaces, in limited time zones for the posted time limit and in outlying campus areas. Staff permits are not honored in metered spaces.
12.8 Evening Permits
Evening and Evening Staff permits are available for fall, winter, and spring quarters. Unless otherwise noted on signs or marked on wheel stops/curbs, Evening (general) permits are valid in general, staff and sponsored guest parking zones Monday through Thursday, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
12.9 Event Permits
Event Permits are only honored in lots designated to be event lots. Event permits are only valid for the day of the event and are not reusable or transferrable.
12.10 Scratch–Off Parking Permits
Permits must have correct month, date, and year completely scratched or hole punched to be deemed valid. This permit is valid for one calendar day.
12.11 Staff Loan Permits
At no additional fee, Staff Loan permits are available for individuals who possess a valid annual or quarterly Staff permit and have brought a vehicle on campus and did not bring the permit to campus. Loan permits may be obtained at the Grand Avenue Visitor Information Center or at Transportation and Parking Services.
12.12 Temporary Permits
Temporary parking permits are available to students with short-term medical needs to facilitate movement from one area of the campus to the other during the length of their need for accommodation. Authorization for acquisition of these permits must be processed through the Disabled Resource Center (DRC). Temporary permits are valid in general and staff parking zones only. In conjunction with a temporary permit, a general or resident permit must be displayed. Temporary permits are not valid in resident spaces, disabled spaces, sponsored guest spaces, and limited time zones over the posted time limit or in metered spaces without paying the meter rate or the corresponding permit.
12.13 Vendor Permits
Vendor parking permits are available for daily, weekly, quarterly or annual periods. Vendor permits are valid in general, staff, and staff loading zones (for the posted time limit). Non-designated spaces with prior authorization.
12.14 Motorcycle Permits
Motorcycle permits are available for daily, weekly, quarterly, annual or multi-year periods. The daily and weekly parking rates for motorcycles are the same as the daily and weekly parking rates for full-sized vehicles. Motorcycles are only valid in designated motorcycle parking areas or in a meter space when paid. The permit must be displayed on the right front quarter of the motorcycle, so that all portions of the permit are fully visible from the front.
12.15 Display of Permit/Full–sized Vehicles
Only valid permits may be displayed. Cal Poly authorizes the following options for legal display of a parking permit: 1) By displaying the hang-tag permit from the rear-view mirror; 2) only if using a repositionable permit, affixing to the vehicle front inside windshield, in the lower corner of the driver's side.
12.16 Replacement of Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Permits
Permits lost, stolen or destroyed should be reported immediately to the Transportation and Parking Services. Transportation and Parking Services will charge an administrative fee for replacement permits. The permit should be removed from the vehicle when a change of ownership takes place.
12.17 Daily Meter Permits
Metered daily permits are valid in metered spaces (excluding the Administration A-01 parking lot) and general parking lots and/or spaces, in limited time zones for the posted time limit and in outlying campus areas. Permit must have the correct month, date, and year completely scratched to be deemed valid. This permit is valid for one calendar day. A permit that is purchased, or scratched off after a citation has been issued will not be considered for dismissal of the citation. Metered parking permits are not for use by resident students. Meter permits are not valid in Orange lots.
12.18 Hourly Permits (General)
General hourly parking permits are available from parking permit dispensers located throughout campus, excluding those in the Village Drive Parking Structure. Permits purchased from these dispensers are valid only on the date of purchase and for the time specified. Hourly parking permits are valid only in general parking lots/areas. Hourly permits are not honored in metered spaces. Hourly parking permits are not for use by resident students. Hourly permits are valid in Orange lots after 5:00 p.m. Hourly permits are never valid in resident lots.
12.19 Monthly Permits (Staff/Faculty)
Monthly staff/faculty parking permits are available at University State Cashier, Transportation and Parking Services Reception Center and the Grand Avenue Visitor Information Center. Monthly permits are valid from the date of sale for one month. For example, if the permit is sold on January 15th it will be valid through February 14th. Monthly permits are considered short-term permits and are non-refundable. Staff/faculty may not purchase multiple permits where validity dates overlap. Replacements will be charged at the full permit rate. Staff/faculty monthly permits are valid in staff and general parking lots and/or spaces, in limited time zones for the posted time limit and in outlying campus areas. Staff/faculty monthly permits are not honored in metered spaces and are non-transferable. Monthly staff permits are valid in any "Orange" lot space.
12.20 Vanpool Permit
Vanpool permits can only be used twice per month. To be considered valid the permit must be filled in black ink with the month, day and year. Example: 08/29/2017. The complete correct day must also be filled in under the "Date of Week" field. Example: TUESDAY. Any alteration to this permit will be considered "misuse of permit" and will be cited. Please read rules and regulations on the back of your permit.

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Section 13: Parking Regulations

13.1 Color Markings and Posted Signs: Outlined
13.2 Dark Green/White Stenciling
Limited-time zones or metered zones as indicated.
13.2.1 Yellow-Green/Black Stenciling
Sponsored Guest parking.
13.2.2 Black Stencil on white curb or white stencil on brown curb with stenciling indicating Staff
Staff parking only. Temporary medical permits, vendor permits, and sponsored guest permits are also honored in staff parking areas.
13.2.3 Blue/White Stenciling
Disabled Parking. It is unlawful for any person to stop, park or leave standing any vehicle in a stall or space designated for persons with disabilities unless the vehicle displays either a special identification license plate or a distinguishing placard issued by the DMV. (C.V.C. 22507.8(a)).
13.2.4 Blue – Disabled Loading/Accessibility
No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle in any area of the pavement adjacent to a parking stall or space designated for persons with disabilities that is marked by crosshatched lines and is designated for the loading and unloading of vehicles parked in the stall or space (C.V.C. 22507.8(c)).
13.2.5 Red/Wheelchair Access
No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended in front of a curb which has been cut down, lowered, or constructed to provide wheelchair accessibility to the sidewalk and which is designated for wheelchair access by either a sign or red paint on the curb (C.V.C. 22500).
13.2.6 Red/Designated Access Ramps
No person shall park a vehicle within three feet of any sidewalk access ramp constructed adjacent to a crosswalk so as to be accessible and usable by the physically disabled if the area adjoining the ramp is designated by either a sign or red paint (C.V.C. 22522).
13.2.8 Red/Fire Lanes
No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, at any curb, or in any location designated as a fire lane. The designation shall be indicated (1) by a sign posted immediately adjacent to and visible from the designated place; (2) by outlining or painting in red with the words "FIRE LANE" stenciled in white; or (3) by a red curb or red paint on the edge of the roadway with the words "FIRE LANE" stenciled in white (C.V.C. 22500.1).
13.2.9 No Parking Zones
No parking anytime. These areas will be posted with "No Parking" or "No parking or Stopping" signs. (CVC 21113(a)). Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
13.2.10 Red Curb or Red Crosshatched Lines
No Parking. Enforced 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
13.2.11 White/Passenger Loading
Passenger loading and unloading only.
13.2.12 Staff Short Term Parking
Staff short term parking is indicated with a sign or curb marked "Staff 30 Minute". Parking beyond 30 minutes may result in violation of Section 13.8. The limited time portion of these spaces is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
13.2.13 White/Electric Vehicle (EV)
Charging enforced 24 hours a day/seven days a week
13.3 Use and Enforcement of Yellow and White Zones
13.3.1 Yellow Zone
Parking other than by University Service Vehicles is not permitted in any yellow zone, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Yellow zones on campus are provided for University Service Vehicles conducting university business.
13.3.2 White Zones/Passenger Loading
Passenger loading zones are provided for loading and unloading of passengers only and are enforced 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Vehicles utilizing these zones must have an able driver in the vehicle at all times. The maximum time allowed for any vehicle to occupy a passenger loading zone is ten minutes.
For those passenger loading zones situated adjacent to campus childcare facilities, vehicles may be left unattended when displaying an authorized on-campus childcare facility pass (issued by the individual childcare facility). Childcare facility passes will not be honored in other areas of the campus, nor will they be honored when the driver is not actively picking up or dropping off a child.
13.3.3 White Zones/Staff & Faculty Loading
Staff loading zones are provided for staff and faculty who are temporarily unloading or loading equipment or materials. Maximum time allowed for any vehicle to occupy a staff loading zone is thirty minutes and is enforced 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day.
13.3.4 Specialized Parking
Parking identified by paint or signage reserved for exclusive or individual/department use.
13.4 Obstruction of Passageways/Roadway
Parking will not be permitted in any way that may obstruct a roadway, passageway or doorway of a building.
13.5 Obstruction of Fire Hydrant
Parking will not be permitted within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant (C.V.C. 22514).
13.6 Direction of Vehicles/Roadway
Vehicles parked on campus roadways must always comply with applicable sections of the CVC.
13.8 Parking/Designated Space
All vehicles must park within the lines of one designated parking space. Vehicles larger than one designated parking space must make parking arrangements by contacting Transportation and Parking Services prior to arrival. Vehicles will be charged for each space they occupy.
13.8.1 Limited Time Zones
Limited time zones are intended for short term use. Each occasion that the time limit is exceeded is considered a separate violation of the parking regulations, and as such, a vehicle may receive multiple citations on one day in the same space. Limited time zones should not be confused with metered zones. Permits are required in limited timed zones.
13.9 Outlying Areas of Campus
Parking permits are required when on any portion of university property.
13.11 Metered Parking

Metered parking spaces are available throughout campus and are intended for short-term use. A number of metered spaces are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. These zones include all meters in the Village Drive and Canyon Circle Parking Structures and other areas throughout campus. These meters are identified by a green curb or wheel stop with stenciling indicating the time limit and "24 HRS," or a sticker on the meter indicating the same.

All other metered parking spaces are enforced Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., Fridays, quarter breaks and summer quarter, 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (including academic days off).

One-day metered parking permits are valid in metered spaces (excluding the Administration A-01 parking lot) for the date in which they are marked, with no time limit. Other permits are not honored in metered spaces. Payment of metered rate is required of all vehicles utilizing these spaces not displaying the metered day permit. Each occasion the time limit is exceeded, it is considered a separate violation of the parking regulations, and as such, a vehicle may receive multiple citations on one day in the same metered space.

13.12 Bus Zone
No vehicle shall stop or park at any time in a designated bus zone. Exceptions include:
  • Emergency response vehicles
  • SLO Transit vehicles
  • RTA vehicles
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC) vehicles
A bus zone is indicated by a sign and a red painted curb. (C.V.C. 22500(i))
13.13 Health Center Patient Zone
Designated spaces at the campus Health & Counseling Services Center are for the use of patients. Those patients expecting longer appointments are encouraged to use alternate parking. A health center pass (obtained from Health & Counseling Services) must be displayed during posted time limits along with a valid Cal Poly parking permit. A valid Cal Poly parking permit is required during all permit enforcement hours.
13.14 Specialized Parking
Use of any reserved or specialized parking space or area without prior permission of the President or his designee will be subject to citation and tow away.
13.14.1 Metered Parking Utilizing Parkmobile App.

Parkmobile is a pay by phone parking solution and certain information varies depending on your location. Parkmobile payments do not integrate with the meters on campus. While your payment will not show on the meter, the officer will use your license plate number, last 6 digits of Vehicle Identification number (new vehicles without plates), and zone number to view your Parkmobile payment on a handheld device. As such, please make sure to add any additional license plate numbers to your account before creating a parking session in order to make sure your parking transactions are correctly created.

Credit Cards Accepted: The payment methods accepted in your area are: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Parkmobile Wallet.

You cannot stop a session once started. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card. If you chose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session or get a refund. Leaving your vehicle before the parking session is paid for will result in a parking citation. You are not able to extend a session within the same zone, you will need to relocate your vehicle when your session has ended. Your vehicle is subject to citation if it has not been moved.

13.15 No Active Session Found
An active Parkmobile session must be paid while parked in a Short Term Limited Time Zone lot or in any metered space on campus in lieu of payment by coins. Any vehicle found in violation will be cited accordingly.

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Section 14: Traffic Regulations

14.1 California Vehicle Code
All state laws, including the CVC provisions, are enforced on the Cal Poly campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
14.2 Pedestrians
Except in situations where Transportation and Parking Services representatives are controlling traffic flow or direction, pedestrians have the right-of-way but must use crosswalks and may not cross in unmarked areas.
14.3 Traffic Signs/Signals
It shall be unlawful for any driver to fail to obey any sign or signal erected or maintained to indicate and to carry out the provisions of this code or any other traffic regulations (C.V.C. 21461(a)). All stop signs and special road signs must be observed.
14.4 Traffic Control Devices
Barriers, barricades, fences or posts may be placed at any point and at any time to restrict traffic as may be deemed necessary for safety and convenience. The removal or moving of such barriers, barricades, fences or posts, except for emergency purposes, is forbidden without the express permission of Transportation and Parking Services (C.V.C. 21461(a)).
14.5 Traffic Officer
It is unlawful to fail to comply with any lawful order, signal or direction of any traffic officer or to refuse to submit to any lawful inspection (C.V.C. 21100.3).
14.6 Bicycle Lanes
Motor vehicles may not park, drive or stop for passengers in designated bicycle lanes (C.V.C. 21211(b)).
14.7 Circulation of Traffic
All motor vehicles must circulate within the main campus on paved motor vehicle roadways only. Motor vehicles are prohibited at all times on Via Carta Road between North and South Poly View Drive. Exceptions include:
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Facilities Services Vehicles
14.8 Speed Limit on Campus
Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit is 25 miles per hour on all campus roadways.
14.9 Special Road Regulations
Motor vehicle traffic is not allowed on Poly View Drive from 10 minutes before the hour until 10 minutes after the hour (Passing Time). Exceptions include:
  • Disabled drivers accessing parking
  • Disability Resource Center Vehicles
  • Emergency Response Vehicles

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Section 15: Enforcement

15.1 Unauthorized Parking/Violation of Parking Regulations
Vehicles found to be parked in violation of any campus parking regulation(s) or parked in violation of any section or sections of the CVC will be issued a Notice of Parking Violation (citation) by a representative of Transportation and Parking Services.
15.2 Campus Posting of Tow Away Notices
Cal Poly has posted tow away notices throughout campus parking areas. Tow away notices are posted in the following manner, "Notice: Vehicles parking illegally may be towed away at owner's expense. Vehicle Code Section 22659."
15.3 Unattended Vehicles
Any vehicle left standing on any highway, roadway or other property of the university in violation of posted provisions, or in violation of any provision of the Vehicle Code, may be towed away and stored at the owner's expense (C.V.C. 22659).
15.4 Illegal Use/Possession of Permit
4 Illegal Use/Possession of Permit – Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen, forged or fictitious parking permit, or a permit obtained by means not permitted under the University Parking Regulations will be issued a Notice of Parking Violation and may be towed away at the owner's expense. It is unlawful to use a permit previously reported lost or stolen. All found permits should be returned to Transportation and Parking Services. All students found in violation of lost, stolen, or manufactured permit will be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
15.5 Impound by Wheel Lock or Towing
As authorized in CVC Sections 22651(i)(1) and 22651.7: Any vehicle, other than a rented vehicle, found upon a highway or public lands and it is known that the vehicle has been issued five(5) or more Notices of Parking Violations (citations) to which the owner or person in control of the vehicle has not responded within 21 calendar days of citation issuance or 14 calendar days from the Notice of Delinquency may be impounded by immobilization (wheel lock) or towing until that person furnishes to the impounding law enforcement agency evidence of his or her identity and an address within this state at which he or she can be located and satisfactory evidence that the fines have been deposited for all Notices of Parking Violations issued for the vehicle. Immobilized or towed vehicles will only be released during UPD business hours to a licensed driver and current DMV registration paid.
15.6 Tow away of Impounded Vehicles
Any immobilized vehicle may be removed/towed away from the campus at the vehicle owner's expense at any time following the original impound if, for any reason, the removal is requested by any representative of the University Police. To legally reclaim an impounded or immobilized vehicle, the vehicle owner or his/her designee must deposit the total parking fines due with Transportation and Parking Services. An administrative fee will be charged for all immobilized or towed vehicles.
15.7 Towing/Cancellation
When any vehicle is in the process of being towed from the university using an applicable towing authority section of the CVC other than 22651(i) and the driver of the vehicle arrives on scene, a Notice of Parking Violation (citation) will be issued and tow away canceled unless the towing service has arrived and initiated tow away procedures by making physical contact with the vehicle. If the towing company has made physical contact with the vehicle, arrangement for towing fees is subject to agreement between the driver of the vehicle in question and the towing service. If the vehicle is being towed for a violation of Section 22651(i), tow away will not be canceled unless the driver has immediate means by which they can pay all applicable outstanding parking citations on file with Transportation and Parking Services.
15.8 Fine Schedule for Cal Poly Parking Citations
A schedule of fines is available online and made available at Transportation and Parking Services (Building #36).
15.9 Failure to Display Parking Permit
Vehicles not displaying a valid Cal Poly parking permit will be issued a notice of parking violation.

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Section 16: Payment of Fines

16.1 Payment of Fines
Parking citations may be paid on-line at, at the University Cashier's Office or at the University Police in person or by mail.
16.2 Late Payment of Fines
If a citation is not paid or appealed within 21 calendar days from the date it was issued, or 14 calendar days from the mailing of the Notice of Delinquency fines will increase and your right to appeal will end. Failure to pay or successfully appeal a citation within the time limits imposed by the California Vehicle Code will also result in a hold being placed on the vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Cal Poly imposes a late fee for each delinquent citation in addition to any penalty imposed by the DMV. If a vehicle has 5 or more unpaid citations at any time the vehicle is subject to immobilization or impoundment. Release of the vehicle will only occur after all citations are paid in full including late fees and boot fees.

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Section 17: Citation Appeals

17.1 Appeal of Citation
Parking citation appeal forms may be requested in person, in writing or by telephone from the University Police, or obtained from the University Police website, Cal Poly follows the procedures for contesting parking violations as stated in the CVC, Section 40215.
17.2 Administrative Hearings
An administrative hearing to contest the results of the initial citation review must be requested within 21 days following the mailing of the appeal response. A request for an administrative hearing can be made in writing, in person or by phone. The person requesting a hearing shall have the choice of a hearing by mail or in person. In addition, the full amount of the parking penalty due must accompany the written request. Requests that do not meet the required deadline or include the full payment of the parking penalty will not be eligible for further review and the decision of the issuing officer will stand. The citation will be processed pursuant to CVC Section 40220(a).
17.2.1 Financial Hardship
In accordance with CVC 40215(b), a person may request a hearing without payment of the parking penalty upon satisfactory proof of inability to pay the amount due. If a waiver of the penalty required for deposit is requested due to a financial hardship, a Waiver of Penalty Deposit form must be completed and submitted with the request for an administrative hearing.
17.2.2 Location of Hearings (in person)
Hearings are held by appointment at the University Police Department, Building #36. The person requesting a hearing must be present at or before the appointed time. Documentation relating to the appeal (i.e. vehicle registration, permit information, placards, etc.) must be present at that time for consideration.
17.2.3 Notification of the Decision
Results of the hearing will be mailed to the address listed on the administrative hearing form within 15 days of the hearing date.
17.2.4 Failure to Appear
Failure to appear for the scheduled hearing as promised will result in forfeiture of penalty posted. If you decide to forfeit the posted penalty in lieu of appearance, please notify Transportation and Parking Services at least two (2) days before the scheduled appearance.
17.2.5 Rescheduling Administrative Hearings
Rescheduling requests will not be honored if less than 24-hour prior notice is given. If a hearing is not rescheduled within 24 hours, or when an appellant fails to appear as scheduled, a disposition will be entered with or without the appellant in attendance.
17.2.6 Contesting the Results of the Hearing Officer
The final determination of the hearing officer may be appealed to the San Luis Obispo Superior Court within 20 days following the mailing date of the administrative hearing results. A filing fee must be deposited with the Superior Court prior to scheduling a hearing date. All necessary court documents may be obtained through the San Luis Obispo Superior Court, County Government Center, 1050 Monterey Street, Room 220, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93408.

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Section 18: Storage, Repair, and Car Wash Facilities

18.1 Storage of Vehicles
Vehicles with valid permits may request long-term storage on University property or property under jurisdiction of the University under the following conditions: 1) The owner or authorized driver is currently enrolled and attending classes or is employed by the University; 2) Permission is received from the University Police; 3) no other vehicle on campus is in use by the driver of the vehicle and/or registered owner; and 4) extenuating circumstances exist.
18.2 Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned vehicles or vehicles stored without proper permission for storage will be towed away at the owner's expense after ten (10) days. Written notice from the University Police will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle in question.
18.3 Inoperative Vehicles

Any parking permit issued pursuant to campus regulations shall become invalid when the vehicle displaying the permit is determined to be inoperative by a representative of the University Police. The following standard of in-operability shall be applied in any such determination:

A motor vehicle is inoperative if it cannot be moved under its own motor power and remains stationary in excess of ten (10) consecutive days. When a representative of University Police determines a vehicle to be inoperative, the vehicle shall be deemed parked without a valid parking permit and shall be issued a Notice of Parking Violation (citation) on the same basis as any vehicle not bearing a permit. If, in the judgment of a University Police representative, the vehicle is restored to an operative condition, a permit for the vehicle may be reissued.

18.4 Repair of Vehicles
No repair of private vehicles shall take place on the Cal Poly campus.
18.5 Car Washing
Washing of private vehicles on the Cal Poly campus is prohibited.

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Section 19: Use of Motor Vehicles for "Living" or "Human Habitation" on Campus

19.1 Human Habitation
No person shall use any motor vehicle in any area of the campus for the purpose of human habitation or camping without the express written permission of the University President or designee (Vice President for Administration and Finance). Human habitation includes one or more of the following activities: sleeping between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., cooking or elimination of body waste.

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Section 20: Bicycle Regulations

20.1 Bicyclist Rights and Responsibilities
Every person riding a bicycle within the campus has all the rights and is subject to all obligations and responsibilities incumbent upon a driver of an automobile. In addition, CVC Sections 21200 through 21210 are incorporated within these regulations and are applicable to the campus.
20.2 Bicycle Prohibition/Outdoors
Bicycle riding is prohibited in the following areas:
  1. On any portion of Poly View Drive.
    This is a "Walk Your Bike Zone", violators are subject to citation.
  2. On sidewalks.
  3. Outside of bicycle lanes where bicycle lanes are provided.
20.3 Bicycle Prohibition/Indoors
Bicycles are not to be ridden or parked inside buildings or stairways.
20.4 Bicycle Storage/Parking
Unattended bicycles must always be securely locked in bicycle racks provided by the university. Bicycles shall not be parked where they impede pedestrian traffic or create a hazard (i.e., parked on lawn areas, sidewalks or secured to lampposts, landscaping, stairs, railings, etc.). Bicycles parked at any location on campus outside of a bicycle rack will be impounded and a fee will be charged prior to release.
20.5 Bicycle Lockers
Bicycle lockers are located at various locations on campus for use by students, staff and faculty. The lockers are key operated and rented on an annual basis through Transportation and Parking Services. Storage of personal items other than bicycles is prohibited. Transportation and Parking Services reserves the right to inspect any bicycle locker without notice.
20.6 Bicycle Registration
Campus residents are required to register/license their bicycles Transportation and Parking Services. There is no charge for this service.
20.7 Impounded/Unclaimed Bicycles
Impounded or found bicycles which remain unclaimed for a period of 60 days or more may be disposed of or sold through auction by Cal Poly. Transportation and Parking services is not responsible for lost or damaged property.
20.8 Exemption
Bicycles used in the course of duty by University Police enforcement personnel are exempt from the university bicycle regulations.
20.9 Motorized Scooters Defined
Any two wheeled device that has handlebars, is designed to be stood or sat upon by the operator, is powered by a motor that is capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion. A motorcycle, motorized bicycle or moped is not a motorized scooter.
20.10 Motorized scooters must be parked in bicycle racks.
Motorized scooters are not to be ridden or parked inside buildings or stairways. Parking permits are not required for motorized scooters.
20.11 Reserved Parking
Reserved Parking is not provided in campus bicycle racks. Any locking device found abandoned and/or stored attached to a campus bicycle rack not directly securing a bicycle will be removed.
20.12 Posting for Removal
Bicycles may be removed when signs have been erected or placed at least 24 hours prior to the removal Transportation and Parking Services.

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Section 21: Skateboard Regulations

21.1 Regulation
The use of skateboards, motorized skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, coasters or similar devices on the Cal Poly campus is prohibited.
21.2 Violations
Violators of the President's order regarding skateboarding on university property will be subject to citation and/or discipline as provided by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Sections 41301 - 41304.
21.3 Exemption
Special events involving skateboards, motorized skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, coasters or similar devices which have been authorized by Student Life and Leadership and approved by University Police, are exempt from the above prohibition.

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Section 21: Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces (EV)

21.1 Purpose
Cal Poly's charging stations are meant to be "top off" locations for commuters as it is anticipated that primary charging will happen at home. Electric vehicle charging spaces are located on the lowest level of the Grand Avenue Parking Structure and in the H2a parking lot (adjacent to the Library.) All users may utilize maps at to determine if the chargers are in use.
21.2 Permit Requirement
All vehicles occupying an EV charging space must display a valid Cal Poly parking permit and have an active charging session engages. Vehicles parked and not displaying a valid Cal Poly parking permit are subject to a citation per CVC 21113(a). Vehicles parked and occupying the space without an active charging session are subject to a citation per CVC 21113(a).
21.3 Charging Fee

The fee to utilize the Cal Poly Electric Vehicle Charging Stations is based on campus kilowatt per hour rate for the first four (4) hours. To promote turnover of the spaces throughout the day, the charging fee increases to $0.10 per minute after the first four (4) hours.

Payment options include:

  1. ChargePoint Card: ChargePoint cards allows customers to start charges immediately, stop and start sessions remotely and receive usage data notifications. University Police/Parking Services will also be able to access usage data to help expand the current electric vehicle charging program. Customers can sign up for a free account at
  2. Credit Card: Customers using credit cards are required to call the toll free number posted on the charging units at the beginning of each session authorization.

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Section 23: Parking University Service Vehicles on Campus

23.1 A University Service Vehicle is defined as any service related vehicle owned, leased or assigned and operated by Cal Poly, Cal Poly Corporation or Associated Students Inc. (ASI) that is used for the purpose of conducting service, maintenance or delivery.
University Service Vehicles may occupy any parking space, zone or any non-designated area for the purpose of conducting or providing services. Disabled spaces may not be used without displaying a DMV issued disabled placard. The use of bus zones and fire lanes by university service vehicles is prohibited at all times.

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Section 24: Power Carts

24.1 Parking Regulations - Small Carts
When parking the power cart at other campus locations, all university parking rules and regulations apply. As with all University Service Vehicles, parking is authorized in State Service, Staff, General, limited time zones, and in meters. Parking in red zones, passenger loading, and disabled is not permitted at any time. The use of sidewalks, walkways, and campus plaza areas are only permitted in instances where adjacency to the worksite is required and does not otherwise obstruct ingress or egress.

Section 25: Emergency Vehicles

25.1 With the exception of those regulations outlined in the CVC, emergency vehicles are exempt from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Motor Vehicle, Parking, and Bicycle Regulations. For the purpose of these regulations, an emergency vehicle is defined as any publicly owned two-wheeled, three-wheeled or full-sized vehicle used in response to emergency calls for fire or law enforcement or for the immediate preservation of life or property or any publicly owned vehicle that is engaged in law enforcement work whether or not said vehicle is responding to an emergency.

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