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Leaving Cal Poly?

Avoid a transcript hold. Complete your online exit interview requirement in your last term.

Collection Methods

Note: If you are a current student with a balance due, please click here.

Students No Longer In Attendance

All Cal Poly students have access to their Cal Portal for up to two years beyond their last term of enrollment. Even though our students are graduating and moving on, their Cal Poly account may not yet reflect all transactions associated with the cost of their education. The portal also provides annual tax information (1098-T) that our former students still need access to.

If a former student finds that he/she cannot access the portal, it is likely due to a password update issue. For password assistance please contact the Help Desk at 805-756-7000 during regular business hours.

To avoid collection activity associated with a past due debt, Cal Poly strongly recommends that its former students monitor their student account activity on a weekly basis for up to 6 months after separating from the school.

Before separating from Cal Poly, it is expected that a student account be paid in full. However, if full payment is not possible, it is the policy of the Student Accounts Office to work with its former students to create a monthly payment plan (amount and due date are determined by Cal Poly and are not negotiable). If successfully executed, such a payment plan will prevent the student's repayment status from being reported the the three major credit bureaus. However, until the student account balance is paid in full, the student has no access to any Cal Poly services - which include transcripts and future registration. Additionally, Cal Poly is required to annually report the debt to the Franchise Tax Board for refund garnishment. These two methods of collection are not negotiable.

Although Cal Poly appreciates all repayment efforts, collection processes continue unless the student enters into, and successfully maintains, a formal monthly payment plan with Cal Poly.

Entering into a payment plan with Cal Poly:

  • Email Cal Poly's Repayment Counselor using a non-Cal Poly assigned email address with the following information:

    Student's full name.
    EMPL ID# or last 4 of SS#.
    Last term of enrollment.
    Request a payment arrangement - and if you do not know why you owe, ask for a summary of the debt.
    Current HOME address and phone number.

  • After reviewing the account activity, the Repayment Counselor will email the student with the terms of the repayment plan offer. Because the terms are not negotiable, the student will send an ACCEPT or DECLINE email to the Repayment Counselor, and the payment plan will commence. Payments not received on time for any reason automatically void the payment plan.

Important Information

Former students who enter into, but do not successfully maintain, a payment plan are placed back into the collection processes. These processes, along with the annual tax refund garnishment and records hold (explained above), may include the following:

  • Collection agency assignment;
  • Negative credit reporting to the three major credit bureaus.

Once assigned to a collection agency, entering into a payment plan is no longer an option.

Cal Poly does not negotiate the removal of accurately reported negative credit reporting.

Cal Poly does not accept settlement offers on debts owed.

To make an online payment, see Making Online Payments.