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Leaving Cal Poly?

Avoid a transcript hold. Complete your online exit interview requirement in your last term.

Fee Waivers/Sponsored Students

**Important Notice** Fee Waivers Not Applicable for Summer 2015

CSU Employees & Dependents

For information about CSU employee fee waivers and dependent fee waivers, please go to the Human Resources Professional Development website.

Cal Vet Dependents

If you are exempt from payment of registration fees, either partially or in full, due to your participation in the Cal Vet Dependents Program, please be sure that your qualifying Letter of Authorization has been received by the Student Accounts Office before you register for classes. For example, students receiving a fee waiver benefit as a California Veteran Dependent under California Educational Code, Section 66025.3, must have a current College Fee Waiver Authorization (PLAN B) form on file with Student Accounts Office in order to register for a reduced cost. The State University Fee portion of quarterly registration fees is waived. The student is required to pay all campus-based fees** while attending the University.

Veteran Educational Benefits

For information about Veteran Educational Benefits for veterans and their dependents, such as chapters 30, 31, 33 & 35, please go to the Office of the Registrar Veteran Benefits website.

Allan Pattee

If you think you are exempt from payment of registration fees because of eligibility for the Allan Pattee Scholarship, please contact the Cal Poly Admissions Office to make that determination well in advance of registration. Eligibility for the Allan Pattee Scholarship is described in the Financial Information - Fee Waivers and Exemptions section of the Cal Poly Catalog.

Sponsored Students & State Pre-Paid Tuition Savings Plans

If your fees are paid entirely or partially by a campus approved sponsor such as State Department of Rehabilitation, a foreign embassy, a U.S. military entity, or a State Pre-Paid Tuition Savings Plan (Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, or Virginia only) you may be able to enter into a billing arrangement with the Student Accounts Office. To set up your billing account and receive registration instructions, contact the Student Accounts Office.

**For a current breakdown of registration fees, please go to

Unless you are also a financial aid student, all non-waived or non-sponsored registration fee amounts must be paid by the 3rd day following the date you register in classes (except for early fall term registration in May). If payment is not made, a hold may be placed on the 4th day which prevents registration in additional units.