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Cynthia Vizcaíno Villa
Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance, CFO
Administration Bldg. Room 116
Telephone: 805-756-2171 Fax: 805-756-7560
Victor Brancart
Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance
Administration Bldg. Room 116
Telephone: 805-756-2171 Fax: 805-756-7560
Beth Gallagher
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Administration Bldg. Room 110
Telephone: 805-756-6564 Fax: 805-756-5483
Juanita Holler
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Development
Facilities Bldg. Room 100
Telephone: 805-756-2100 Fax: 805-756-6114
George Hughes
Assistant Vice President for Public Safety/Chief of Police
University Police
Telephone: 805-756-6650 Fax: 805-756-6676
Lorlie Leetham
CPC Executive Director/Assistant Vice President Commercial Services
Corporation Administration Bldg. Room 115
Telephone: 805-756-1131 Fax: 805-756-0180
Chris Miller
Managing Director, Performing Arts Center
Christopher Cohan Center Room 208A
Telephone: 805-756-6557 Fax: 805-756-6088
Troy Weipert
Director, AFD Network & Technology Services
Welding Bldg. Room 105D
Telephone: 805-756-2098 Fax: 805-756-7526
Dru Zachmeyer
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Business Services
Administration Bldg. Room 128D
Telephone: 805-756-6473 Fax: 805-756-6500

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