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AFD Cell Phone Policy
AFD Cell Phone Reimbursement Authorization Form
New Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy Information
This policy outlines a procedure for cell phone use by AFD employees in the performance of their duties.
Cal Poly Administration and Finance 2011 Performance Metrics
The mission of Administration and Finance is to provide high quality, efficient support and planning services as an integral part of the campus community in support of student learning. Our goal is to deliver our services in a manner that is consistent with our mission and that applies our principles of trust, respect, communication, integrity, commitment, empowerment, innovation and creativity, collaboration, equity, and results. A series of surveys have been conducted to evaluate the Administration and Fianance Division's customer service satisfaction levels and ability to apply our core principals to day-to-day operations, the survey results may be accessed here.
Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities Procedure
Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities Form
The Associate Vice President for Administration has been designated to receive formal Whistleblower complaints (Allegations of Government Misconduct) from employees and applicants for employment on the campus. Campus procedures and the filing form may be accessed here.
Complaint of Retaliation for Reporting Improper Governmental Activities
Complaint of Retaliation for Reporting Improper Governmental Activities Form
Complaints of retaliation for having filed an allegation of government misconduct are to be filed with the Associate Vice President for Administration. Procedures for filing a retaliation complaint and the filing form may be accessed here.
Whistleblower Flyer
Annually the information contained in this flyer is sent by electronic mail to all employees who have campus e-mail addresses.
Business Continuity Plan Template
Used to document key information (i.e., staff contact information, critical functions, critical function recovery procedures, vital records, assets) within a department in order to ensure the campus’ ability to recover from a disruption.
Reporting of Fiscal Improprieties
Campuses are required to notify the Vice President for Administration & Finance immediately of all cases of actual or suspected theft, defalcation, or fraud. This notification applies equally to state and non-state (including auxiliary organization) funds.
Procedure for requesting University-Wide Charitable fundraising approval

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