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Cal Poly Financial Data Portal

Screenshot of Cal Poly Financial Data PortalIn an effort to provide the campus community with access to Cal Poly’s financial data, the Budget Office produces and provides, electronically, financial information relevant to the campus. These reports are typically static pdf documents that are produced at specific points in time.

Sometimes however there’s nothing quite like being able to manipulate the data by yourself, i.e. slice and dice the data as necessary and be able to view the data in various graphic charts and tables, or download the data into an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Cal Poly has teamed with OpenGov to assist the campus community with just that opportunity. Currently there resides over 6 years of financial data to explore.

Go to Cal Poly's Financial Data Portal Hosted by OpenGov

Tips on How to Use the Site

There currently are six fiscal years of financial data for the following fund categories: CSU Operating Fund – the main operating fund for instruction, support, and maintenance of plant; Housing, Parking Fines & Fees, Extended Education, Lottery, and University Union. The links below provide additional assistance for navigating the portal with more navigation guides specific to Cal Poly’s data available in the near future.

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