• laptop with a spreadsheet displayed

    Between the Spreadsheets: Excel Pro Tips

    Excel is one of the most useful software tools. It can also be very tricky and confusing. Excel Wizard Pat Rosemas, A&F’s fiscal planning manager, offered up a few of his tips and tricks.

  • Cyber-Safe Summer Travel

    As summer heats up and folks take time off to unwind and travel, ITS has some simple tips on how to travel in a cyber-safe way.

  • Celebrating Employee Milestones

    This year’s Annual Service Awards celebrated 240 employees, including 33 A&F colleagues, three of whom, Ken Hansen, Jason Thomson and Sean Vink, reached the 25-year milestone.

  • Spanos Stadium Turf Is Ready For It All

    Spanos Stadium’s turf renovation has been completed ahead of schedule, on budget and just in time to host Cal Poly's 2022 Spring Commencement. Read more about it here.

Administration & Finance

is the steward of Cal Poly's resources and comprises eight units that fulfill major operational roles for the university. With an annual budget of $101.4 million, A&F is responsible for capital project planning and maintenance of nearly six million square feet of space in the 150 major buildings on campus.

A&F maximizes campus business operations while contracting and procuring $100+ million of goods and services annually. It also oversees the campus police department and Cal Poly Corporation – the university’s non-profit auxiliary organization.


from the staff of Administration & Finance at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. As a division dedicated to quality service to the Cal Poly community, we hope that you will find the information on the offerings of the Administration & Finance Division useful.

As you have occasion to use the services of Administration & Finance, we encourage you to offer comments that will assist us in the continual improvement of all that we do to enhance the quality at life of the Cal Poly campus.

Cynthia Vizcaíno Villa

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance, Chief Financial Officer

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