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Property Accounting

Property Accounting is a section of the Fiscal Services Department within the Administration and Finance Division.

Property Accounting is responsible for centralized maintenance of the property records, including acquisition, control and disposal of equipment and other assets of the University. An ID tagging process is used to identify and track all equipment and a system of regular physical inventories is maintained in order to ensure physical accountability of all state owned equipment. The Property Office works closely with the Property Survey Board and Surplus Property to authorize and document the disposal of equipment.

Equipment is defined as merchandise that: (1) has a life greater than one year, (2) can be physically relocated, (3) is not expendable (e.g. office supplies), and (4) is not furniture. Departments must maintain a tracking mechanism for their equipment and must notify the Property Office of any physical relocations of the equipment.

The Property Accounting Office is located in the Administration Building (Building 01) Room 131. Office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

Annual Campus-Wide Physical Inventory

Property Accounting performs a campus-wide building-by-building (room-by-room) property inventory each year. We ensure no disruption to classrooms/labs in use. Please advise us if there are any rooms (server rooms, offices, storage rooms, etc.) that are restricted or should not be entered since we have master keys to access most areas.



Scott Barrett
Property Analyst
Phone: 805-756-2570

Arlene Carisle
Phone: 805-756-7327

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