Moving & Relocation

The University is authorized, depending on the availability of funds, and other considerations, to assist in paying a portion of moving and relocation costs for new faculty or staff that change their residence in order to accept employment at Cal Poly.

Moving and relocation expenses must conform to CSU guidelines as stated in Technical Letters HR/Benefits 2018-10 and HR/Benefits 2018-07, and are not provided to individuals that will be employed by the University for a period of less than 2 years. The employee's employment offer letter indicates the maximum dollar amount which the University will pay towards an employee's moving and relocation expenses.

Moving and Relocation Expenses and Reimbursement are subject to IRS guidelines. All claims for reimbursement must be accompanied by itemized receipts for each expenditure processed by the University.

Moving & Relocation Reimbursement Process

The moving & relocation reimbursement process has been moved to Payroll effective 11/1/2021. Cal Poly has updated the moving and relocation guidelines accordingly.

  1. Employee receives offer packet including Moving and Relocation guidelines and claim form
  2. Employee incurs expense(s) by paying vendors directly
  3. Employee fills out claim form & submits to department
  4. Department reviews and substantiates Moving and Relocation expenses and do not exceed amount; seeks further approvals if needed
  5. Department submits to Payment Services
  6. Payment Services audits and confirms claim reimbursement amount & sends to Payroll Services
  7. Payroll Services issues payment with appropriate Federal and State payroll taxes deducted from the moving and relocation reimbursement.
  8. Reimbursement check (or direct deposit) is issued to employee AFTER employee's start date and they receive their first paycheck, with applicable payroll taxes deducted.

Moving and relocation CSU contracted vendors

The CSU has contracts with household moving companies who offer contract pricing to CSU employees. Employee will contract and pay vendor directly; upon receiving final bill, employee will then submit claim for reimbursement. Click here for the list of companies