Business Transformation

Welcome to Business Transformation. We are champions of business process improvement, innovation, and empowerment of individuals at every level. Reporting through the Senior Vice-President’s Office, we operate as a strategic partner and facilitate opportunities for individual and team engagement in and adoption of continuous improvement values and culture. Business Transformation staff facilitate cross-functional dialogues, lead projects, and work to align departmental strategies with the division’s goals and according to the value of our customers.

Core Services

Business Process Improvement Projects

Process mapping, process analysis, process re-design, technology requirements development, liaison between business and IT

Strategic Planning

Organizational and strategy development, align department goals with division/campus, operational action planning, team building

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Preparing and coordinating annual and ad hoc surveys, data reporting, using results to drive initiatives, project management


Problem solving, cross-departmental dialogs, organization development

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Business Transformation Projects

Current as of 1/1/22

Division Projects/Initiatives

Current as of 1/1/22

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To Work with Business Transformation

Requests can be submitted by email to Lori Serna at

Lori Serna

Business Transformation Manager

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