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American Express Government Travel Card Program

The American Express Government Travel Card (AMEX) is offered to all permanent employees for use while traveling on state business and provides travelers the convenience of not using their personal credit cards for business related expenses. It also identifies the bearer as a government employee.


AMEX is used only for Cal Poly travel expenses. Whenever possible it is used to charge for hotels, meals, and other university travel related expenses.

Applying for the card

An Access Key is required when filling out the on-line application form. Prior to applying for the American Express government card, please complete the American Express Authorization Form and return to Access Key will be sent to you upon receipt of this form, and then you may apply at American Express Online Application.

Applications will be approved or denied based on personal credit history.


The University is not liable for charges made on the individual AMEX. The cardholder is solely responsible for payment of all charges. Statements will be sent directly to the cardholder's address specified on the application.

Payment Terms

Charges are due and payable immediately upon receipt of the bill. All accounts which are 60 days past due will be subject to review by American Express for possible termination of charge privileges and permanent revocation.

Resolution of disputed charges is the responsibility of the employee. The toll free number for customer service issues is 800-528-2122.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Employees should immediately notify American Express if their card is lost or stolen by calling 800-528-2122.  A replacement card will be mailed to the address specified on the application.


Monthly charges will be reviewed by the program administrator for inappropriate charges.


If you have any questions regarding the American Express Travel Card, contact the program administrator, Jeanette Paolucci 805-756-2234.

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