Risk Management

The Risk Management program focuses on review of operations and ownership of property for risks including injury to persons, damage or loss of property, impact to university programs, liability, loss of financial resources, and reputation. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) takes a broader approach by coordinating activities to direct and control an organization with regards to risk. ERM defines risk as uncertainty's effect on objectives, aligning risk management with the University's priorities. Responsibility for risk management is spread across the University to those with accountability and authority known as Risk Owners.

Our office, alongside the CSU Risk Management Authority (CSURMA), establishes a framework for risk management emphasizing a proactive, coordinated approach to identifying, evaluating, and managing risks. The goal of risk management is to enhance value, improve performance, foster innovation, and support objective attainment. ERM aims to manage risks effectively to seize opportunities, anticipate challenges, and align with University priorities and stakeholder interests, linking risks to goals and objectives.

Risk management should be integrated into all levels of decision-making and organizational processes, including strategic, operational, programmatic, and project levels. All Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students share responsibility for identifying and managing risks associated with their activities. Our office serves as a resource for risk management guidance, ensuring activities are conducted considering safety, financial, reputational, and legal risks.

The steps in the Risk Management process are:

  1. Scope
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Risk Evaluation
  5. Risk Treatment
  6. Recording and Reporting
  7. Communication and Consultation
  8. Monitoring and Review

See: Risk Management PowerPoint for more details about Risk Management at Cal Poly.

Mission Statement

To promote a culture of risk awareness by engaging University stakeholders in the day-to-day management of risks. An integral part of this mission is embedding risk ownership into management of activities at all levels of the University.

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