Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services (RES) is a function of the Strategic Business Services department within Administration & Finance. RES collaborates with University business units and auxiliaries to support real estate related activity.

RES partners closely with Cal Poly Corporation on many transactions and initiatives that involve auxiliary support. RES also heads up the campus Real Estate Committee consisting of representatives of various campus constituents. We also work with University Development to perform due diligence and provide transactional support for real property gifts and bequests.

Real Estate Transactions

RES specifically manages the following types of real estate transactions for the university:

Lease transactions
Should the university need to lease space off-campus for any reason, our office manages the process of engaging real estate brokers, negotiating lease terms, and executing the lease documents. Likewise, should the university determine that it has property that it would like to lease to a third party, our office manages the process of marketing the property, managing negotiations and executing lease documents. In addition to office, retail, and industrial space, our office also handles tower leases and ATM leases.
Contract Management
In most instances our office oversees the monthly rent payments and other lease compliance issues.
When third parties request easements on university owned land, RES is responsible for negotiating terms and executing easement contracts.
Should the university determine it is in our best interest to sell an auxiliary owned property, RES will generally work in conjunction with the auxiliary to complete the transaction.
Public Private Partnerships
RES is engaged when it is determined to be in the University’s best interest to partner with third party development firms for privately financed, constructed, operated and maintained facilities that support the university’s mission. Our department will typically issue an RFP or RFQ, negotiate terms and coordinate relationship management.

Property Types

Our campus real estate portfolio includes the following three types of properties:

University Leased

Property that the university leases on and off campus (either as lessee or lessor).

University Owned

Property that the university owns and occupies (as the university proper or through one of its auxiliaries).

University Ground Leased

Property the university owns and leases to long-term tenants.