Cash Handling

Here at Cal Poly, the University Cashiers provide general cashiering services for the university. In addition to this, the University Cashiers provides training and safeguarding procedures for satellite cashiering units on campus.

Cal Poly’s cash handling procedures are consistent with the mission and goals of the University and that conform to the laws, regulations and policies of Cal Poly, the California State University, and the State of California. Cash handling at the University should be controlled with the proper acceptance, segregation of duties and physical protection procedures.

Transportation of deposits must be accomplished jointly by at least two employees. These employee should be sufficiently trained on the proper methods of transporting a deposit. Cash handling units shall deposit to the UCO or bank, whenever excess cash exceeds $1000 or cash and cash equivalents accumulatively exceeds $5000. When at or over these thresholds, armored car service or police escort should be used. Transporting deposits must be accomplished in a secure manner in order to protect the financial assets and individuals involved in transport.