Public Records Request

Strategic Business Services-Risk Management oversees Public Records Act (PRA) request processing to ensure that Cal Poly is in compliance with laws, regulations and meets required timelines for response. The California Public Records Act can be found at Gov. Code Section 6250 et seq. It mandates all non-exempt documents in Cal Poly’s possession be available for public inspection.

Requests can be made to any campus employee by the public. When a University department, office or employee receives a Public Records Act request, they should:

  • Immediately forward the request in its entirety to and/or call Risk Management at 805-756-5455 for assistance.

Requests for public records may be made verbally or in writing. For purposes of clarity, the CSU encourages written requests. Certain records are exempt from public disclosure. Risk Management staff can assist with identifying public records once gathered by the responsive department.

Contact 756-5455 or email if you have any questions.

Reference CAP 382 for more information.