Winter 2020 Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years - when student is block scheduled 10/23-11/04/2019
Fees Viewable - Returning - at time of registration 11/05-11/21/2019
Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due: 12/08/2019, Class Cancellation: 12/18/2019
Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 12/30/2019, not subject to class cancellation

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Welcome to Student Accounts

What to Pay

Charges are posted to the Student Account and visible to the student through their "Money Matters" tab and to supporters through "Share My Information" reports. Use the calculators below to plan for estimated costs for the year or how much Financial Aid you need to accept.

  • Use this calculator to estimate Fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year (including University Housing & Dining if living on campus).

    Are you an undergraduate student?

    Is your major in the College of Liberal Arts?

    Are you a California Resident?

When to Pay

Winter 2020
Fees Viewable

First Years - when block scheduled 10/23-11/04/2019

All Others - at time of registration 11/05/2019

Fee Past Due Date (if not financial aid deferred) 12/08/2019
Class Cancellation (financial aid deferred accounts exempt) 12/18/2019
1st Financial Aid Disbursement 12/30/2019
Financial Aid Deferred Fees Past Due 12/30/2019
1st Direct Deposit Refund for Excess Financial Aid 01/03/2020
1st Day of Class 01/06/2020

How to Pay

You may pay the university through the following methods:

If you are interested in using a Payment Plan for Registration-Tuition, you will need to enroll in that plan prior to the system wide due date for the quarter. More information on our Term Payment Plan page.


  • SLO Days "Paying for College" Presentation Slide Deck

    Student Accounts did a SLO Days Orientation program about Money Matters for Mustang Supporters. The slide deck from that presentation inlcuded a punch list of focus points for the summer as well as several tips on how to make paying for a Cal Poly education as simple and stress-free as possible.

    Click here: SLO Days Money Matters Presentation to get a pdf copy of that presentation.

  • 1098-T Forms Are Available Online for 2018

    1098-T forms for 2018 have now been issued for Cal Poly students. The student is able to view/print the form by logging into his/her Poly Portal ( and selecting the Money Matters tab. The “Form 1098-T Tuition Statement” link will be on the right in the “Financial Links” box.

    A paper form will only be mailed if consent to view online has not been given by the student.*

    If the student did not receive a 1098-T form for 2018 online, one may be produced upon request. This request can be made by calling the Student Accounts office (805-756-1428) during regular business hours - Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, PST. The student will need a social security number or ITIN. A parent making this request must have a FERPA on file. A Form 1098-T cannot be mailed at this time, so consent to view online must also be given by the student.*

    Revised Reporting for 2018 Tax Year

    Until recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permitted colleges and universities to choose between two methods for reporting Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses (QTREs) to students on the Form 1098-T. Like most universities, Cal Poly chose to report QTREs in Box 2 (charges posted for QTREs), rather than in Box 1 (payments received for QTREs). Recent legislation now requires reporting payments received for QTREs in Box 1 of the 1098-T, rather than reporting the amount billed in Box 2. Cal Poly has implemented this change for the tax year ending December 31, 2018.

    More information on the 2018 1098-T is available at our Tax Info 2018 Web page.

    *To consent to view your 1098-T online:

    From the Money Matters tab of the student Poly Portal (, scroll down on the right under "Financial Links" to the "Form 1098-T Tuition Statement" link. In the next window, select the "Grant Consent" button. Read the agreement and then select the "Yes, I have read the agreement" box on the 1098-T Consent Agreement page and click "Submit".

    Granting consent to receive your 1098-T via on-line access need only be given once.

  • Winter Quarter Registration-Tuition Charges

    Registration-Tuition Charges for Winter Quarter will post once the student is enrolled in classes for winter quarter. For First Year students, this will begin when the Office of the Registrar block schedules the student in one or more classes however this may not be a full schedule.

    Students are all given a First Round enrollment "appointment" at some point between 11/05/2019 and 11/21/2019 during which the student can add or change classes.

    All registration and tuition fees for fall quarter are “Past Due” the later of the "Past Due" date (12/08/2019) or four days after charges were added to the Student Account unless the charge is deferred by financial aid. A "Deferred by Financial Aid" indicator will appear on Money Matters and Share My Information reports next to any charge type (Registration & Other Fees, Housing or Dining) where the extension of the grace period applies.

    Students with Past Due charges will have a registration hold placed on the Student Account preventing the student from adding or changing classes.

    A past due account balance not paid by December 18, 2019 and not deferred by financial aid may result in the student being dropped from all fall classes.

    Monitor Money Matters (your Cal Poly portal) for up-to-date information regarding the details of your specific account.

Pay Online

Any online payments using a credit or debit card will incur a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee.