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Cal Poly Police Department

Key Campus Contacts
Emergency: 911
University Police: 805-756-2281
Information Sources*
Emergency Alert System
920 AM 1400 AM 98.1 FM 1610 AM (Cal Poly)
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* only activated during emergencies

Cal Poly Police Department is committed to partnering with our university community to continue to grow trust, enhance support, increase safety and reduce crime and fear on campus through compassionate and progressive policing.

The department protects and serves the university community and surrounding area through active involvement and a commitment to an educational model of being responsive, non-escalatory, and restorative, not punitive, when possible.

The department is comprised of 22 sworn police officers with full powers of law enforcement and arrest, along with nine civilian employees.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CPPD is to promote a safe and secure learning environment by working cooperatively with the campus community to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, maintain order, and provide exceptional professional services to our guests and our community.

We are committed to providing a safe environment where diverse social and cultural values are allowed to thrive by working cooperatively with the campus community.

Code of Ethics

As a Law Enforcement Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve the community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence, or disorder, and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality and justice.

I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and will behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to me or my agency. I will maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others.

Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the law and the regulation of my department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty

I will never act officiously or permit personal feeling, prejudices, political beliefs, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear of favor, malice, or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities.

I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of police service. I will never engage in acts of corruption or bribery, nor will I condone such acts by other police officers. I will cooperate with all legally authorized agencies and their representatives in the pursuit of justice

I know that I alone am responsible for my own standard of professional performance and will take every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve my level of knowledge and competence. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself before God to my chosen enforcement.