Delivery Delays

Delays in Residence Hall/Apartment mail and package delivery are possible. Reasons for possible delays include the following:

Distribution Services is closed on state mandated holidays. This means that the following business day will yield twice the amount of mail and packages usually received. Also, the number of packages received during holidays such as Halloween and Valentine's Day increase by up to 5 times the typical package intake. The influx of packages may strain our ability to provide a resident with prompt service.
Late Deliveries
All mail and packages received on-campus after 1 p.m. may be delayed up to 1 day due to late delivery. We are on a set schedule and all packages received after 1 will be included in the following business day's processing.
Incorrect Addresses
Residence hall/apartment mail with an incorrect address is typically returned to its original sender. However, in less extreme cases, an effort may be made to identify the recipient and process the package for the resident. This process may result in a delay of up to 1 day or more.
Incorrect Zip Code
It is imperative that all incoming residence hall/apartment mail and packages have the correct zip code of 93410. Alternate zip codes can lead to misplacement of the mail piece and up to a day or more in delays.
Beginning of an Academic Quarter
During this time there is an usually large increase in packages received by residence hall/apartment students. We will be prepared during these times with added staff but we cannot predict the mail and package volume that sometimes occurs. In anticipation, we ask that extra time for delivery be considered when shipping during this time.


Postmarks from USPS are not a good determinant as to when the mail should reach Cal Poly. Approximately 5 - 10% of mail that comes to Cal Poly takes a week or more to get here, even when they are sent from cities as close as Sacramento.