North Mountain Halls: Mail & Package Services

North Mountain Halls include: Diablo, Lassen, Palomar, Shasta, & Whitney

Mail and packages are processed daily for North Mountain Hall residents. Most mail and packages, barring delivery errors or addressing issues, are made available for resident pickup on the day they are received at Cal Poly. Under rare circumstances, mail and packages may take an additional 1 business day for processing. Please use the information provided below to assist you with all of your residence hall mail and package needs.

North Mountain Hall Addressing

Proper addressing is imperative to ensure mail and packages are properly processed and quickly distributed to student residents. Please use the North Mountain Hall specific address format provided below for all items being sent to residents of the North Mountain Halls.

{Your Name}
{Mailbox #} Klamath Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93410

John Doe
2000 Klamath Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93410

Hall names for North Mountain Halls include; Diablo, Lassen, Palomar, Shasta, & Whitney

North Mountain Hall Mail And Package FAQs

For information about mail and package distribution, as well as other mail and shipping services provided to North Mountain Hall residents, please follow the links provided below: