How Do I Have My Mail Forwarded?

Mail Forwarding: Moving To Campus

When moving to a campus residence hall we suggest that you use the 'Forward Mail' option found under the 'Manage Your Mail' tab at Please note that this option only works for having mail forwarded to Cal Poly, not from Cal Poly.

Mail Forwarding: Moving Away From Campus

In order to have mail forwarded to a new address once you move off campus, we suggest that you contact every entity that sends you mail and inform them of your new address. The Post Office does not recognize change of address requests made on the USPS website or "Official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Order" forms for students moving off campus. "Change of Address" cards are available at your residence hall front desk, as well as, the Package Center and can be completed and mailed off to anyone who sends you mail.

Any mail received for students who have moved off campus will be automatically returned to whomever sent the mail.