Missing Packages

All missing package inquiries must be made by the student resident who is missing the item, either in person or via email from a Cal Poly email account. Student residents who believe a package is more than 3 business days late, and have not been notified of its arrival by Distribution Services, need to follow these steps:

Conduct Preliminary Research

  • Track your item and make sure it reached Cal Poly, not just San Luis Obispo. The delivery scan should show a delivery zip code of 93410.
  • Identify the exact addressing, tracking number, and carrier that was used to send the package.

Contact Distribution Services

  • Contact Distribution Services at packagecenter@calpoly.edu from a Cal Poly email account. Provide a tracking number, the addressing used to send the package, and a general description of the item that is missing. Note: In times of peak package volume, student residents who approach the customer service window to inquire about a missing package may be directed to inquire via a Cal Poly email account
  • Distribution Services' staff will conduct a full search for your item.
  • You will be contacted by email of the results of the investigation. Please allow 5 business days for a full investigation to be completed.
  • If the item is unable to be located we strongly recommend filing a police report with the University Police Department.