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Information Retention and Disposition Schedules

Cal Poly follows the CSU Executive Order No. 1031 System-wide Records/Information Retention and Disposition Schedules Implementation to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while implementing appropriate operational best practices. Security of information applies to every means of recording upon any tangible thing in any form of communication or representation, including letters, words, pictures, sounds, or symbols, any combinations of these or other means to engage in business, regardless of media.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physical paper in files, such as memos, contracts, reports, photographs and architectural drawings;
  • Electronic communication such as e-mail content and attachments, voice mail, instant messages, and data on a contactless integrated circuit;
  • Content on Web sites, PDAs, mobile devices, desktops, and servers;
  • Information/data captured in various databases;
  • Licenses, certificates, registration, identification cards, or other means;
  • Handwriting, typewriting, printing, Photostatting, photographing, photocopying, transmitting by electronic mail or facsimile;
  • Any record thereby created, regardless of the manner or media in which the record has been stored and/or created; and
  • Backups of electronic information.

Record Retention and Disposition Schedules

Series No. Record Series and Schedule Custodian of Record Last Updated
 1.0 Personnel/Payroll [Excel] Assoc VP of Human Resources; Assistant Director for Payroll Services 3/17/2017
2.0 Fiscal Records [Excel] Director, Fiscal Services 5/20/2013
3.0 Environmental Health and Safety [Excel] Manager, Environmental Health and Safety; Chemical Hygiene Specialist, Director of Agricultural Operations 3/16/2012
4.0 Student Records [Excel] Registrar 3/17/2017
5.0 Facilities [Excel] Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Capital Projects; Manager, Energy and Utilities 10/20/2015
6.0 University Police [Excel] Chief of Police 3/16/2012
7.0 University Advancement [Excel] Associate Vice President, University Advancement 6/08/2011
8.0 Academic Personnel [Excel] Associate Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 6/27/2017
9.0 Curriculum and Accreditation [Excel] Director, Institutional Planning and Analysis; Associate Registrar 3/17/2017
10.0 Research and Sponsored Programs [Excel] Dean, Research and Sponsored Programs 3/17/2017
11.0 Institutional Records [Excel] President’s Office; University Committees; Academic Senate; Campus Litigation Files; Subpoenas; CA Public Records Act Requests; Correspondence; Honorary Degree Records; University Communications Records; Media/Public Relations Records; Art Inventory Records; Campus Managed Child Development Office Files 6/08/2011

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