Canyon Post Mail Center

The Canyon Post Mail Center, located in the Poly Canyon Village plaza, provides secure package and trackable mail distribution to all students living in the Cerro Vista apartments and Poly Canyon Village. Once received, packages and other trackable mail are processed and an email is sent to the recipient informing them of where and how to retrieve their item. Email notifications are sent to the recipients' Cal Poly email address, no exceptions. We suggest adding as a personal email contact when having emails forwarded from your Cal Poly email account to an alternate email account. All packages and other trackable mail are typically processed, with emails sent to recipients, on the day they are received on campus. Under rare circumstances, mail and packages may take an additional 1 business day for processing.

Non-trackable mail and flats (for example, magazines and newspapers) for Cerro Vista residents are delivered to the Cerro Vista community center front desk to be distributed to student residents through their assigned mail boxes. Please see the Cerro Vista community center front desk staff for information on student mail boxes, including combinations/keys and distribution times. All non-trackable mail and flats are processed and delivered to the Cerro Vista community center front desk on the day they are received on campus.

Important Addressing Information

To prevent misdeliveries or delays please use the correct addressing format for the Cerro Vista apartments.


All items received by the Canyon Post Mail Center are locked in a secured area designed just for student packages and trackable mail.

For optimal service, we highly recommended that packages and sensitive mail be sent via a shipper using a tracking number and requiring a signature (i.e., UPS, FedEx, or USPS Express Mail).

It is recommended that any valuable items, such as computers and cameras, be insured for the value of the item. Neither Cal Poly Distribution Services nor the Housing Department will be responsible for the delivery of any packages that have a value over $50.

All packages and trackable mail received will use the unique bar code tracking number assigned to the package by the shipper to assure that the student receives the correct package. Each student is required to show his or her Cal Poly ID or some type of photo ID that matches the name on the package. A signature of the package recipient is also required after proper identification has been provided.