Cynthia Vizcaino Villa

Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance, CFO

Administration Bldg. Room 116

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Dan DiPaola

Executive Director, Internal Audit

Administration Bldg. Room 106A

Jennifer Haft

Assistant Vice President, Divisional Operations

Administration Bldg. Room 118

Mike McCormick

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Development

Facilities Bldg. Room 103B

George Hughes

Assistant Vice President, Public Safety/Chief of Police

University Police

Angela Kraetsch

Associate Vice President, Financial Services

Administration Bldg. Room 116

Cody VanDorn

CPC Chief Executive Officer

Corporation Administration Bldg. Room 115

Chris Miller

Managing Director, Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Center, Room 208A

Dru Zachmeyer

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Business Services

Administration Bldg. Room 128D