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Withholding Change

W-4 Status

Your W-4 status determines how much Federal and State tax is withheld from your check. The default W-4 withholding for student assistants is: Single, 0 exemptions.

If you wish to change your withholding status you may do so using the form provided.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, you may not use this form. Any changes to your payroll withholding status need to be completed in the Payroll Services Office, building 1, room 107.

If you need information on what you should claim, review our W-4 Instructions below.

W-4 Instructions

The number of allowances you claim on your W-4 Form determine the rate at which Federal and State income taxes are withheld from your paycheck.

If you're unsure whether you are entitled to claim a certain number of allowances or exemption from withholding, it is best that you contact your tax advisor. If you would like to research it on your own, you may find the information you need in IRS publication #505 (Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax) which contain instructions on how to determine your withholding. This informaintion is located on the IRS Publications Web-site. You may also want to view the 2019 W-4 witholding certificates.

You can also calculate your paycheck at different withholdings by using the Paycheck Calculator. Be sure that your use the calculator based on your pay schedule.