Hiring Instructional Student Assistants Overview

How do I hire an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)?

  • Academic Personnel administrates the ISA hire process. Please review the instructions found on the ISA 101 form found on the Academic Personnel Website. If you have any questions about the hire process, please contact Academic Personnel at 805-756-5228.

What are my responsibilities as an ISA Timekeeper/Approver?

How do I access the "Approve Reported Time" page to approve ISA hours entered online?

  1. Sign onto the Cal Poly Portal my.calpoly.edu
  2. In the "Single-Click Links" channel on the "Home" tab, click the button for "ISA Manager Approval"
  3. You will be taken directly to the "Approve Reported Tme" page.
  4. Once in the PeopleSoft HR Module, you will also have access to these and other approver/timekeeper pages using the menu option "Manager Self-Service"

Please take note of the important ISA approval dates on the Payroll Calendar

How do ISA's keep track of time worked for multiple supervisors in one PeopleSoft record?

  • It is up to the department's discretion how they would like to keep track of multiple supervisors paid in one PeopleSoft record, but Academic Personnel has a handy worksheet posted on their website called ISA Hourly Worksheet. This is a tool that can help ISA's keep track internally the hours they've worked for multiple professors/supervisors in one record. This form does not get turned into Payroll for payment, and the ISA will still need to total all hours worked each day and enter that time in their online timesheet. Some department timekeeper/approvers could request these to be turned in to them, so they know what hours to approve online.

How do I know what hours to approve online if they don't have paper timesheets anymore? I may not be their direct supervisor...

  • This is also up to the department's discretion how this communication takes place. Since we are using a delivered PeopleSoft module to process the ISA's time online, it does not currently have a delivered printer-friendly "timecard" that the ISA can print out once they have entered their time online (like the custom Student Pay System).
  • Some of the suggestions departments had were:
    • Have the ISA do a screen shot of all their hours they entered online, have their direct supervisor sign it, then turn it in to the dept. approver
    • Have the ISA email their supervisor with a list of the hours they entered online and copy the dept. approver with the request for appoval
    • Utilize AP's ISA Hourly Worksheet, obtain signatures and turn in to the dept. approver so they know which hours to approve online

Future PeopleSoft releases or customizations may give us a way to deliver a printable timecard, which we will communicate this change if/when it happens.

How do I get security access to approve ISA reported hours online?

  • Obtain security by submitting a ticket through the security workflow. Manage CMS HR Administration & AP Dashboards Access
  • Please specify the appropriate "group" and the "Dept ID" of the area you will be approving for. The "group" is referring to the "dynamic group" that Payroll uses to group employees for approvals (similar to the MPC process). If you are not sure which group to specify, please call the ISA payroll technician at 805-756-5868.
  • Once you have been granted this role, the "GO" button will appear for single-click access.

What is the difference between this process and the Student Pay System?

Payroll Services administrates the hire process for the Student Assistant classification employees. Student Assistants enter their hours worked through a customized front-end process called the Student Pay System. While ISAs fall under many guidelines of all student classifications, unlike Student Assistants, ISAs belong to the UAW-Academic Student Employees bargaining unit and their pay periods and pay dates must be the same as regular faculty/staff and cannot be processed through the Student Pay System. The Student Assistants and the Instructional Student Assistants each have separate entry buttons to access their time entry pages. The look and feel of the pages themselves look completely different. The SPS requires entry using a 24 hour clock and the ISA timesheet uses a 12 hour clock. The approval pages for each are also accessed through different entry buttons and have separate approval processes and timelines. If you are both an SA and ISA approver, please familiarize yourself with the differences of both. If you have any questions about this, please contact Payroll Services at 805-756-2605.

Who do I contact for further assistance?

Payroll Services

Main Line

Lisa West

ISA Payroll Lead