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Hiring State Student Assistants (SA) Overview

Step 1: Become familiar with the student assistant employment program

  • Important: Ensure student meets eligibility requirements for the position per the Student Handbook

Step 2: Determine the position number/funding source for student positions in your department

  • Please submit a New Student Position Number Request Form to Budget only if:
    • The student position will be funded from non-general funds (i.e. University Campus Programs), and you don't already have a student position established
    • It will be split between two funding sources
  • You will need to know the correct position number to create the Student Employment Request Form (SERF)

Step 3: Complete the Student Employment Request Form (SERF)

  • Portions of the SERF are required to be completed in digital format before printing
  • Required fields are noted on the form
  • Incomplete SERFs will not be accepted

Step 4: Send the new student assistant to Payroll Services no later than the FIRST day of work for pay

  • The student is required to present documents to establish their identity and authorization to work: Form I-9 List of Acceptable Documents
  • The student is required to present their original Social Security Card (in addition to the Form I-9 requirements) before they can receive pay
  • The student is required to bring the completed SERF
  • The student may not begin working until Payroll has authorized the Form I-9
  • Payroll Services is located in the Administration Building, Room 107

Additional Federal Work Study Position Requirements:

  • The student must bring their Federal Work Study Award letter
  • The student must meet ALL payroll requirements before they can begin working

Step 5: The student assistant will have access to their online timesheet within 3-5 business days

Step 6: Obtain security to the online Student Payroll System

  • Ensure any department user who needs access to hire or approve online in the Student Payroll System has security
  • Obtain security by submitting a "Technical Service Request" from the My Cal Poly Portal
  • Security request must by authorized by the Department Head
  • Security for this process is found under the PeopleSoft Human Resources section, then Payroll
  • Please call Jennifer Hiatt in Payroll Services at 6-5862 if you need assistance with this security request process

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