Student Employee of the Year

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year Nominations

Submissions Welcome for Outstanding Student Employee Recognition

April 4-10, 2023 is national student employment week. The Outstanding Student Employee of the Year committee would like to invite you to nominate your outstanding Cal Poly student employees to be recognized for their contributions. One outstanding student employee of the year and two runners up will be selected from the nominations and invited to a special lunch in their honor.

The committee has simplified the nominating process by requiring a one-page submission letter highlighting the student’s accomplishments. All student employees at Cal Poly are eligible for consideration. Faculty and staff may nominate more than one student. You may find the NACE core competencies fact sheet useful to assist with your submission.

Recognition letters, preferably on your Cal Poly department letterhead, are due to Financial Aid or by Friday, February 24, 2023. Questions? Contact Barbara Rollins at