Address and Withholding Changes

Address Changes

Your year-end W-2 form will be mailed to your home address listed with the Academic Records office at the time of your original hire unless you request Payroll Services to send it to a different address. If the address on file for you with Academic Records is a dormitory address you must provide an alternate mailing address. Dormitory addresses are not accepted as valid mailing addresses for W-2 purposes. You must contact Payroll Services directly if your permanent mailing address changes to ensure you receive your W-2. If you change your address via the Cal Poly portal or with the Academic Records office this will NOT update your address with Payroll Services.

You may change your address of record with Payroll Services using the form provided here. This will NOT change the address of record with Academic Records, only with Payroll Services. You may also change your address in the Payroll Services office located in the Administration Building, Room 107.

W-4 Status

Your W-4 status determines how much Federal and State tax is withheld from your check. The default W-4 withholding for student assistants is: Single, 0 exemptions.

If you wish to change your withholding status you may do so using the form provided here.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen, you may not use this form. Any changes to your payroll withholding status need to be completed in the Payroll Services Office, building 1, room 107.

If you need information on what you should claim, review our W-4 Instructions.

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