Freight Service

Distribution Services strives to provide timely and efficient freight service for Cal Poly. We provide both shipping and receiving services. To ensure accurate freight service please choose one of the services below for more information.

Freight to Campus

Inbound freight shipments delivered to Distribution Services for Cal Poly require special handling. Distribution Services will contact the appropriate department to arrange delivery. Please review the information provided below for more information pertaining to receiving freight shipments on campus.

Proper Freight Addressing

Proper addressing is vital to ensure proper handling of your inbound freight. Please use the format provided below for addressing your incoming freight shipments.

{Recipient's Name}
{Department Name}
1 Grand Ave.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-{department's zip +4}

Mary Smith
Distribution Services
1 Grand Ave.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0122

On-campus Freight Delivery

On-campus freight delivery times vary by the type of freight and resources required to move it through campus. Most freight shipments are delivered to departments within 1 or 2 days of reaching campus. Freight deliveries must be made to forklift accessible areas. Distribution Services is not responsible for breaking down or unpackaging freight shipments for the purpose of installing items or moving items. Distribution Services is not responsible for arrangements made with a company for direct delivery and/or installation of items in a freight shipment. Distribution Services will contact the department technician to arrange freight delivery.

Distribution Services Contact For Arranging On-Campus Freight Deliveries

To arrange on-campus delivery of incoming freight or to alert Distribution Services of incoming freight please email us at or call the Distribution Services general line at 805-756-2872.

Freight Storage

Due to limited space, Distribution Services is not able to hold freight shipments for longer than two days. Please check with your department technician to ensure you have ample space for your freight shipment prior to having it shipped.

Freight Purchased On A Corporation Purchase Order

Shipments ordered on a Corporation purchase order are not accepted at Distribution Services. These shipments are directed to the Campus Dining delivery dock in bldg 19 for proper purchase order processing.

Freight Delivery Points For Corporation Departments

Freight shipments for Corporation run departments are delivered to either the Campus Dining receiving dock in bldg. 19 or the Cal Poly University Store warehouse in bldg. 82. Distribution Services can not accept delivery of freight shipments for Corporation run departments.

Freight from Campus

Outgoing freight shipped from Cal Poly by a department requires special handling. Please contact Distribution Services for details.

Notes regarding shipping freight from Cal Poly

  • All freight shipments must be secured to a pallet or be self-contained in a suitable shipping container. Carpenter Shop can assist with the creation of suitable shipping boxes.
  • A full description of all items contained in the shipment needs to be made available to Distribution Services
  • Freight shipments to be charged to a departmental account will be shipped using UPS Freight.
  • Pre-paid outgoing freight shipments must be dropped off at Distribution Services 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up date. An additional 24 hour notice is required if Distribution Services needs to pick up the pallet from the department.
  • Freight trucks are not permitted to pick up freight shipments directly from departments. Distribution Services serves as the pick up point for all outgoing freight shipments.